Horoscope and Astrology

Horoscopes and their Rich History

Horoscopes are known as a method to help one predict their future and future events. Some people do not know that horoscopes have been a part of world culture for centuries. It is widely known that the ancient people and ancient cultures have used the sun, the moons, and different planetary alignments in the sky as a way to sort out such things as different planting seasons and hunting seasons. Nomadic tribes used constellations to help them navigate, and this practice ended up being used by many different societies throughout the early years of our world. Knowing the history of horoscopes has helped many people understand why they are important. Keep reading to learn what an important role horoscopes have played throughout history, the origins of horoscopes, and how various cultures used horoscopes to make crucial decisions throughout history!

The Naming of Stars and How Horoscopes Work

Eventually people began naming stars and constellations and that is when the practice we know as "reading horoscopes" came into existence. A horoscope reading is in its most basic form is based on an individual’s birth time (day, month, year, etc.). A person birth time always falls under one of the 12 zodiac signs.

These signs are:

These signs are each named after a constellation in the sky and each one has both positive and negative characteristics in history these signs (and horoscopes in general) were not only used to predict the future of individuals, but also world events as well.

The Origin of Horoscopes

Astrology and specifically horoscopes originated in ancient Greece. The Greeks believed with all their heart and soul that each and every person’s life was predetermined at birth. They believed that they could unlock a person’s purpose and predict what they would, could, or should do by the positioning the heavenly bodies (the sun and moon) and the constellations that were present at the exact time of that person’s birth. What we now know as "horoscope reading" originated before the time of Christ and spread throughout the world into the 1600s. At that time a man known as William Lilly (1602-1681) was able to integrate it with the Christian religion which he called "Christian Astrology". He did this by reportedly predicting The Great Fire of London almost 14 years before it actually happened in 1652. At the time people believed he may in fact have started the fire and he was tried in parliament. However, there was no evidence to support such a claim and he was found innocent.

World History and Horoscope History

If you study world history you can see how it relates very much to the history of horoscopes. Astrology predates all books, printing, and formal education. It even predates certain methods of communication. Different tribes and civilizations have used Astrology throughout time as a way of predicting weather patterns. This helped them do numerous things such as deciding when the best time was to plant certain crops, hunt certain animals, and make certain journeys and pilgrimages. Astrology has played a great part in the history of our world.

Modern Day Horoscopes

You can open your local newspaper every day and find your daily horoscope. Daily horoscopes are based on the positioning of the sun on that day as well as other factors such as the stars and the moon. These have become a very common part to today’s society. Other forms of horoscope readings can include birth chart reading. This reading takes an individual’s birth planet and explains how it will interact with other stars and planets to try and predict how events may unfold in your life. The Chinese also have their very own horoscope that uses animals, and, while it is less popular than the Greek based horoscope many believe, it still holds value. It is unclear when Chinese horoscopes came into existence; however, it also has been around for at least a few centuries. In 1981 history was made when Nancy Regan publicly consulted an astrologist after the assassination attempt on her husband, President of the United States Ronald Regan.

Horoscopes have had a place in society for a very long time and many millions believe them to be very accurate. At the very least they are both entertaining and interesting and if you give them a try it might surprise you how helpful a horoscope reading can be.

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