Virgo 2020 Horoscope


2020 Horoscope Virgo - Overview

Virgo 2020 Horoscope Overview

This year’s super-serious Capricorn conjunctions (Saturn/Pluto January 12; Jupiter/Pluto April 4, June 29, and November 12) happen in your house of fun and leisure. But that’s not as much of an oxymoron as it may seem!

Ultimately, Virgo, they’re teaching you to take responsibility for your own happiness by structuring your life in a way that supports greater creativity, spontaneity, and joy. This means letting go of any fears and judgments keeping you from living life to the fullest. It also means saying “yes” more often to your inner child. (If you have children of your own, they’ll thank you for this too!)

Fortunately, with Uranus in Taurus all year, you’ll find it easier to change your habits… and even your mind. And through three retrograde cycles, your ruling planet Mercury offers hints about what’s up for review:

The first (February 16-March 9), in Pisces and Aquarius, finds you seeing everyone you know in a different light. From lovers to friends to family members to coworkers, you may wonder just how well you really know these familiar faces.

By the second retrograde in Cancer (June 18-July 12), this leads you to question where your loyalties lie. A shared history, culture, or family ties may bring you together—but is that enough to build a future on?

And with the third Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Libra (October 13-November 3), it’s time to reexamine your own thoughts and beliefs. No judgment, Virgo—just make sure you’re applying the same impeccable standards to yourself that you do to others!

Your health is another area where you’re encouraged to keep an open mind this year, with Saturn spending time in experimental Aquarius (your sixth house). New health and wellness trends are likely to spark your interest, but take some time to do your homework before incorporating them into your daily routine.

Saturn visits Aquarius from March 21-July 1 and reenters the sign on December 16. Jupiter follows close behind, meeting up with Saturn on December 21 in a long-anticipated Great Conjunction. As a new 20-year cycle begins, you’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to rock!