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Virgo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Sep 9, 2019

You’ll be inspired to express your deepest, sweetest emotions on September 13 when communicator Mercury pairs up with romantic Venus in your sign. Writing your partner a love note, another loved one a heartfelt email, or journaling about recent relationship experiences can feel especially therapeutic. As long as you’re letting your intuition and heart guide the way, and leaning into any creative impulses you have, you’ll feel like you’re right on track.

Then, from September 14 to October 3, communicator Mercury moves through your second house of income, urging you to write and pitch your most artistic, exciting business proposals. Simply having passionate conversations with colleagues and friends about your vision can help you get the wheels in motion—and ultimately deliver financial rewards.

Virgo Love Horoscope This Week

This is the week you've been waiting for -- lots of romance, lots of clearing away of clutter, lots of great conversations. The romance is particularly weighted to the start of the week. Monday and Tuesday are absolutely charged. (If you happen to be single, that might change on Monday or Tuesday.) Wednesday and Thursday, buoyed by how well things are going in the love realm, you're going to be cleaning up the rest of your life -- in particular, all that paperwork on your desk. Friday and Saturday, if the urge to criticize you-know-who comes up, talk about something else. Or just start kissing.

Weekly Flirt - Play around with the world a little bit early this week and see what comes of it. You can learn a lot through running experiments on friends, family and strangers. Listen to people's opinions carefully on Wednesday and Thursday, because they're much more likely to let the truth slip out despite their best intentions. Work could be a big drag this weekend if you have to go in, especially if your coworkers take out their weird moods on you. Sunday is a great time to express yourself to someone new.

Virgo Business Horoscope This Week

You're probably absolutely right, but must you act like you know it? Is there any way, on Monday and Tuesday, that your criticisms could take a form that doesn't sound so, well... critical? Consider people's feelings. Consider this a challenge. Wednesday and Thursday, again, find ways to offer your opinion without discouraging people; the situations they face are surely more complicated than you can imagine. On Friday, when it comes to finances, take your time -- having an impulse about something isn't good enough. You stand to learn a few things yourself, especially on Sunday.