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Weekly Horoscope Virgo - This Week

Virgo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 20, 2020

You’ll be feeling even more powered up than usual to take on your big-picture health and day-to-day housekeeping to-dos while the confident sun moves through your sixth house of wellness from January 20 to February 18. Identifying and trying an innovative strategy, like using an app or another form of technology, could help you make even more progress than you imagined. 

And around January 24 when the new moon is in your sixth house of wellness, as well, you’ll do well to pinpoint a specific routine you’d like to implement and get the wheels in motion. You have everything you need to make the endeavor a success. Because the new moon forms a tense square to game-changer Uranus in your ninth house of higher education, you might find you need to hone certain skills or enhance your knowledge in order to make significant progress. 

Virgo Love Horoscope This Week

Go in deep on Monday -- even if you just met! That could mean probing family or relationship history, bringing up spiritual issues or just revealing a lot more than you usually do. It's worth it! Force yourself to engage for the next few days afterward, even if you feel emotionally exhausted. You need to keep up with the search or your mate's activities, and you can pull it off if you stay focused. Things start to click on Friday, and you can feel your good energy flooding back into you and helping you aim in a new, more ambitious, direction.

Weekly Flirt - Try to let the day guide your activities rather than the other way around early this week -- if only because you won't be able to fight the momentum that's pushing you in the right direction. You find new creative ideas welling up inside of you throughout the second half of the week, and you may take up an artistic project. You'll need to keep an open mind this weekend if you want to have a good time and impress that one hottie who's on the cusp of asking you out.

Virgo Business Horoscope This Week

Beware of your perfectionist streak as the week gets under way. Yes, it's a great thing to mention as a 'weak point' in an interview, but in the day-to-day, you'll need to set meet-able goals and allow others to be human, too. Then be sure to block out time for a new project, skill development or another fresh endeavor around on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday. Exploring some uncharted territory enhances your morale and performance. This weekend, your biggest challenge and your biggest opportunity are in your personal life -- block out time for that, too.