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Virgo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jun 24, 2019

While communicator Mercury moves through your twelfth house of spirituality from June 26 to July 19, you may be especially drawn to reflective practices like journaling or learning new meditation techniques. Making sure you’re carving out time to take care of yourself and process your emotions in this way boosts your wellness overall—especially once the communication planet is retrograde from July 7 to 31. On June 28, the moon in your ninth house of higher education forms a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn in your fifth house of fun, and diving into learning experiences and opportunities for growth can feel easier than usual. You’re not only willing to put your nose to the grindstone to hone your skills and broaden your horizons, but you’re likely to have a blast doing it.

Virgo Love Horoscope This Week

If you've got big expectations vis-a-vis romance on Monday, you're liable to be disappointed, and around Tuesday and Wednesday, work or money issues likely occupy your mind. The end of the workweek changes the emphasis, though, to the life of the heart and mind. A deep philosophical discussion helps evolve your outlook -- and if it's with a certain someone, it helps solidify a connection too. A great date now doesn't have to be extravagant -- just anything out of the ordinary. This weekend, even your attention to detail could slip up; make sure it's not with regard to something love related.

Weekly Flirt - Been wondering what it's all about lately? Wonder no more. Monday brings a burst of inspiration and big-picture purpose. Make some time to take it all in, then set your sights accordingly. On Tuesday and Wednesday, try to cross a border and experience something new -- even if it's just an international lunch with some exotic cutie! Because your analytical skills are sharper than usual, Thursday and Friday are good days to tackle life's finer details and make yourself crystal clear. This weekend, don't go solo. Rally the troops for something fun.

Virgo Business Horoscope This Week

Work is a combat zone on Monday. Keep your gaze trained on a fixed goal and don't let all the stuff flying through the air distract you. The best way to avoid problems with coworkers is, frankly, to avoid coworkers -- at least until Tuesday. Good news: Compatibility and healthy interaction figure strongly on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can make a lot of progress in a small amount of time. The end of the week is almost entirely in your control -- you set the tone. Be meticulous with details and tactful in all communications and you'll go into the weekend a superstar.