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Weekly Horoscope Taurus - This Week

Taurus Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 23, 2020

You might have a hard time trusting others on Monday, and you should pay heed to that hesitance. Risks right now probably won't pay off, and you need watch out for your own priorities. On Tuesday and Wednesday, make people plans. You'll be energized by socializing, and you'll learn a lot by mixing up ideas and activities with like-minded people. On Thursday and Friday, forge ahead on your own plans and don't get distracted -- especially by anyone who's just looking to get a rise out of you for their own entertainment. This weekend, don't go solo. You'll have the best time if you can team up with friends -- and the crazier your plans, the better.

Taurus Love Horoscope This Week

A friendship might turn into something more this week and it all begins early in the week. There’s a fine line separating “friend” and “lover,” and it could blur by midweek. It might feel difficult to maintain a purely platonic vibe with someone when the energy is so innately romantic. This might put you in a vulnerable position later in the week. Events could bring up wounds from your past that you haven’t quite let go of, wounds that prevent you from fully opening your heart to a another shot at love. Work on letting go of the guilt and the pain you’ve been carrying. By week's end, it's time to embrace your individuality and independence. While this could cause an uncomfortable shift in a relationship, it’s also helping you embrace the real you. Let the chips fall where they may.

Weekly Flirt - The week begins with a blast of romance and good times. It's incredible to watch your interactions with you know who blossom into what looks like the early stages of a romance. Naturally, the rest of your life will seem a lot more exciting on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday, there's a chance that you'll feel a pang of possessiveness over your new special someone. But of course that's ridiculous. You're a passionate person, and your passions are manifesting in crazy ways. Spend the weekend practicing philosophical centeredness.

Taurus Business Horoscope This Week

You’re networking like a champ this week, and you’re the string that ties the workplace together. Early on, tap into your leadership skills and facilitate a positive environment. Midweek, you have help speaking to your colleagues on a beautiful interpersonal level. It's a great time to delegate projects. However, you might feel like you’re in your own little world by week's end. You might want to reserve time to work in solitude for the next few days because you’ll be emotionally processing a lot of things on your own. Give yourself time to rest so that you can come back with a vengeance later. It won’t be long before you’re back at it.