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Weekly Horoscope Taurus - This Week

Taurus Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 11, 2019

Around November 12, when the full moon is in your sign, you’ll be consumed with wanting to address personal desires that you’re afraid you’ve put on hold for far too long. Because the moon forms a positive trine to taskmaster Saturn and transformative Pluto in your ninth house of adventure, you’ll be focused on putting in the work and owning your personal power in order to achieve your bold dream.

And on November 16 when the emotional moon in your third house of communication forms a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune in your eleventh house of networking, you’ll be drawn to brainstorming and trading imaginative ideas with colleagues. Dealing with hard-hitting facts and solid data might not be your best bet at the moment, but batting around pitches that are seemingly too wild can be a productive task.

Taurus Love Horoscope This Week

You are finding it easier than ever to relate to creative endeavors and early this week that pays off big-time as you connect in a new way to the right person. Spending time in a gallery turns you on in just the right way. Let others make the big decisions about money midweek, even if it means you've got to pay. Starting Friday, you're more in touch with your feelings and easily able to confide in others -- so what are you waiting for?

Weekly Flirt - You may need to dig in your heels a little bit on Monday or Tuesday when someone tries to get you to sign on for something that you aren't all that sure about yet. Take your time and double-check that all the details line up first. You're feeling super-friendly later on in the week, maybe so much that you start up a new romance without even realizing what you're doing. The weekend could be pretty intense, as you'll be all about attachments and commitment.

Taurus Business Horoscope This Week

Planning important long-term projects isn't the best use of your energy on Monday and Tuesday. Try focusing on someone's face instead. See if you can figure out what they aren't saying in addition to what they are. Your ability to anticipate other people's needs sets you apart from the masses -- and makes you particularly valuable. Wednesday and Thursday continue along the communication theme -- people, not projects, take priority -- and Friday brings about the biggest challenge in communicating you've faced in a while. Call upon your heroic tolerance to finish your week on a good note.