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Scorpio Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Sep 9, 2019

You’ll have a burst of energy that makes tackling a group project feel like a breeze on September 9 when go-getter Mars in your eleventh house of networking forms a harmonizing angle to taskmaster Saturn in your third house of communication. Fully embracing the challenge lands you on top.

And around September 13, when the full moon is in your fifth house of romance, you might be frustrated if it feels like your outlets for creative or loving self-expression have been blocked recently. This stagnated feeling could push you to rebel against your current circumstances and take a stand, putting in a request for vacation days, enjoying a midday rendezvous with a romantic partner, or diving into an artistic project that you feel particularly passionate about. Trust your gut to lead the way.

Scorpio Love Horoscope This Week

Things don't get very romantic until late in the week, but consider Monday and Tuesday your getting-ready-for-romance days. You're getting ready for everything on Monday and Tuesday; they are getting-ready days. Wednesday and Thursday, you have to drop everything else and sort some things out in your home life. Then comes Friday, and with a romantic whoosh, the person who makes your heart jump strides into view and you proceed to have a day's worth of fun with them, followed by another day. What a weekend! If you can squeeze in some gym time on Sunday, do.

Weekly Flirt - Big craziness is going down at home. It might be a roommate moving in or out or some big news from the landlord, but whatever it is, you should face it head-on. Life takes a turn for the weird on Wednesday, and that makes your activities considerably more interesting -- and fun! Watch out for conflict this weekend, especially with your sweetie or close friends, as it could turn ugly before anyone notices. If it lasts through Sunday, you should be able to end it then without a problem.

Scorpio Business Horoscope This Week

Conflict has its positive effects, too. It shakes free issues that need to be dealt with and ideas that haven't been fully articulated. Take these shards and make something of them on Monday and Tuesday. This is only the beginning of what will be a deceptively creative workweek -- deceptive because it doesn't seem creative at all, although it is, if you consider how much of your imagination is going into it. Then, as the week winds to a close, unplug your brain and exert yourself physically. Get some exercise. You go into the weekend with a clear head. On Sunday, you have firm plans.