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Weekly Horoscope Scorpio - This Week

Scorpio Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

You're feeling extraordinarily ambitious as the week begins. From Monday through Tuesday afternoon, your willpower and assertiveness will shift into overdrive and it's a good time for making commitments and signing on the dotted line. From Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon, your work with others could become a lot less harmonious, especially if you're not open to others' ideas. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect your hidden talents to come into play (whatever those might be). When in doubt, use your imagination. From Saturday afternoon through Sunday, look for chances to show off your selflessness.

Scorpio Love Horoscope This Week

You could feel a lack of security in your relationship as the week begins. You’re still dealing with the effects of Jupiter in your protective fourth house squaring Uranus in your partnership sector, and your desire to build a stronger home front could leave a relationship feeling threatened. Miscommunication could leave you and a lover feeling as though you’re on two different pages by January 19, when the moon in your proactive sixth house squares with Venus in your communication sector.

However, the twentieth could be a major moment for your love life. The Mars-Uranus conjunction takes your seventh house of partnerships for a ride, encouraging you to leave behind relationships that no longer make sense to you as you gravitate toward people who inspire you. While this can leave you feeling uncertain about a relationship, it could also infuse some much-needed excitement into a stagnant relationship.

On January 22, the moon transits your seventh house as it forms a trine with Pluto in your communication sector, encouraging you to be honest about your feelings.

The twenty-third is when the sun-Saturn conjunction sends sobering energy to your sensitive fourth house of home and family. Take a look at whether you and your lover want the same things and share the same values.

Weekly Flirt - You have a lot going on beneath the surface on Monday and Tuesday and will likely need to spend a fair amount of time on your own moving through your personal issues. On Wednesday, you could experience a surge of positive energy that clears your vision and helps you convince those around you to share your point of view. You'll need to have a serious discussion about risk and safety late in the week, one that will be deeply influenced by your ideals. It will take considerable self-control (which you've got plenty of) to keep from working yourself too hard on Sunday.

Scorpio Business Horoscope This Week

You may feel overwhelmed with everything on your plate as the week begins. On January 20, the moon in your productive sixth house will form a square with Pluto in your communication sector, and people may be demanding more from you than you’re able to give. While you would love to be able to do it all, don’t be afraid of putting your foot down. In fact, you may even have to put your foot down in a business partnership by January 20. The Mars-Uranus conjunction will bring about relationships that inspire progress and innovation as you break away from relationships that constrict your growth.

By January 23, there may be exciting or unsettling interruptions in your workplace. As Mars in your seventh house of partnerships forms a square with Jupiter in your warm fourth house, a new colleague or client may enter the mix, bringing a sense of unexpected nostalgia or comfort into your work environment. Sometimes, change can make you feel even more relaxed in your skin.

However, by the end of January 23, your personal life will take up all your attention as the sun and Saturn combine in your fourth house of home and family. Your career will always be there, so set your sights on your loved ones and your home life.