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Sagittarius Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

The week starts with a big shift for you. You're not usually fretting over how to make ends meet, but pesky financial details could come to the forefront on Monday (and on into Tuesday afternoon). Pinch pennies, but do it creatively. From Tuesday afternoon through Thursday, discover a whole new world of people -- who just happen to have a whole new world of ideas for you. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, you might have trouble getting focused, but try to enjoy the momentary flightiness. From Saturday afternoon through Sunday, you're full of energy. Expect fun and romance in equal measures.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This Week

The desire to indulge and steep yourself in pleasure will flood your heart as the week begins. On January 20, the moon in your romantic fifth house squares Pluto in your stable second house, and you might be tempted to take things a little bit too far in your love life. Keep one foot on the ground.

The twentieth is also when you could see a major shift in the routines that rule your love life. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in your sixth house of daily activity can liberate you from your habits. Perhaps your relationship could use some spontaneity. Maybe you need a break from checking your dating app first thing every morning. Embrace change and see where it gets you.

On January 23, you’ll start working through the logical side of your love life. The moon transits your harmonious seventh house, encouraging you to focus your attention on your lover. As Mars in your practical sixth house squares Jupiter in your chatty third house, you might feel inspired to help make your lover’s life easier and be on their team. But as the sun-Saturn conjunction rearranges your third house of messages later that day, it’s time to identify how you can do better at speaking your mind and listening to your lover in return.

Weekly Flirt - If you're out and about, expect lots of fun and more than a few new connections. If you're on your own, try to at least share a space with pleasant strangers. By Wednesday, you'll start to turn inward and no doubt slow down a bit, but your pace has been so rapid lately that you'll still be moving forward. Friday brings some kind of recognition from the community (maybe just housemates, but maybe much broader) and a general feeling of goodwill that should last for a long while.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope This Week

Surprising news at work could set the tone for the week. When it begins, Jupiter in your third house of messages will form a square with Uranus in your sixth house of work, and a conversation could mark a major change in your career. Whether this conversation reveals a startling truth accidentally or not, it may cause you to return to the drawing board.

By January 20, you may feel fiercely motivated to do your work in a different way or to follow a different routine as the Mars-Uranus conjunction rocks your sixth house of daily regimens. Perhaps you’re ready to finally set aside time for rest and self-care. Maybe you want to take a more flexible or spontaneous approach to your methods. Regardless, it will certainly shake things up.

By January 23, you’ll feel inspired to learn from a colleague and reflect on what they have to say. The moon in your partnership sector will form a trine to your third house of communication, encouraging a mentor to nudge you along. They might have information that helps you experiment with new techniques—especially as Mars in your proactive sixth house squares off with Jupiter, tapping into your desire for variety.