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Sagittarius Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of May 25, 2020

You could be very much in your feelings and driven to express how yourself in a physical, deeply heartfelt way on May 25 when the intuitive moon in your eighth house of sexual intimacy and emotional bonds forms a harmonizing trine to go-getter Mars in your fourth house of home life. Speaking your truth can bring you even closer to your loved ones and feel incredibly satisfying on a variety of levels. 

And on May 27, the emotional moon in your ninth house of higher learning forms a tense square to game-changer Uranus in your sixth house of daily routine and wellness, causing you to be more hair-trigger than usual, especially if you feel like you’re facing restrictions of any kind. Seek out a healthy, grounding way to feed your need for excitement (like a new workout or stimulating professional project). 

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This Week

Some people are awkward (or crude) when they're point-blank about romantic matters, but your up-front manner at the beginning of the week gets you exactly where you want to be. (Who needs game players anyway?) From Wednesday through Friday, the stars take you even further, lining your path with fascinating people and showing your natural generosity in a gorgeous light. Those in relationships are thinking bigger and better, while singletons can't help but make sizzling new connections. Things slow down this weekend. Call it the dog days, and enjoy your own lazy company.

Weekly Flirt - You're attracted to lots of different types of people. Try to chat with as many as you can each day. The conversations should be light and fun. If someone whose profile you've only read online isn't what you expected when you finally talk, try to make the best of it (politely). Later in the week, you might want to do something wild, but your intuition holds you back. Is the payoff worth the potential consequences? That's for you to decide. This weekend, romance figures strongly in the stars. Lucky you!

Sagittarius Business Horoscope This Week

If you're not in sales, you might want to think about switching on Monday and Tuesday. Your natural charm is powerfully energized, and you'll find people dropping whatever they're doing at the slightest hint that you need them. By midweek, your energy will be flagging somewhat, and you might want to take things down a notch and explore alternative ideas to implement in the near future. Your energy level shoots back up Friday, and you'll find yourself having a great time even in meetings or tasks you usually dread.