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Pisces Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 20, 2020

Confusion could reign supreme when dealing with higher-ups or colleagues on January 20, thanks to the emotional moon in your tenth house of career forming a tense square to dreamy Neptune, your ruling planet, in your sign. Because Neptune has an effect of clouding rational thought, it might make it difficult for you to identify exactly how you feel at this moment as you try to get a grip on the facts. You might even question what’s real and what’s not. Wait until the dust has settled, and you’ll gain clarity. 

And then around January 24, when the new moon is in your twelfth house of spirituality, spending even more time than usual meditating on your deepest-rooted aspirations and even your most seemingly wild dreams. What you take away from the experience could help inform your next major moves. 

Pisces Love Horoscope This Week

You can't make heads or tails of your sweetie's words on Monday -- or figure out what you new crush is up to -- but it doesn't affect your feelings one way or the other. It's a good time to cruise. Expect some tussles throughout the rest of the week. Most likely, there are differences of opinion midweek, even if you just met your new paramour, but you don't need to come to an instant resolution. Over the weekend, you may find a clever answer that splits the difference or makes it moot. Don't be shy about offering ideas.

Weekly Flirt - Work is strange, at best, early this week, since your boss seems to be taking great delight in contradicting pretty much everyone within earshot. You don't really have to deal with this directly, but try to keep the mood light if possible. You might need to step up on Thursday or Friday to get your people moving in the right direction -- they'll be all over the place. Don't stress out this weekend, no matter how busy it gets. Remember to give yourself a nice long break from time to time.

Pisces Business Horoscope This Week

Be proactive about getting some emotional catharsis outside of work as the week begins. Exercise in particular calms and centers you and you'll be much more confident of appropriate actions and reactions. Speaking of which, around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, work's likely a less-said-the-better situation. Ask questions and draw various parties out -- they'll be impressed by your intelligence (after all, you're listening to them) while you're gathering information. Then this weekend's perfect for forming more coherent, comprehensive ideas and plans.