Pisces Weekly Horoscopes


Weekly Horoscope Pisces - This Week

Pisces Horoscope Overview This Week

Pisces native, this week, as you release feelings of uncertainty, you discover a talent you didn't know you had.

Pisces Love Horoscope This Week

You’re starting the week off feeling charming and clever. On February 17, the moon and Uranus will join forces in your third house of communication, putting you in the mood to connect with new people and take conversations into uncharted territory. If you’re in the process of dating someone, conversations could lead to a breakthrough as you find yourself connecting over something you never expected to connect about.

Weekly Flirt - Strike a balance between cool and happy on Monday and see if you can pull it off all day long. If you get it down, you'll have a couple of days to enjoy it quietly before the mojo really starts to pay off. Everything will seem a little fuzzy, but you'll feel on top of it for the most part. Your people will think they know better than you later in the week, but you should just let them carry on with their business while you make your moves. You'll know what's best for everyone and can make it happen on Sunday.

Pisces Business Horoscope This Week

This week, you may be thinking about who you are as a team member and what you contribute to your community. On February 16, the moon in your second house of self-worth will square Pluto in your social eleventh house, which could cause you to compare yourself to others. It may also cause people you work with to compare themselves to you, inhibiting your relationship with envy. Remember: If you’re on the same team, it means you’re working together, not competing against each other.