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Pisces Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

Want to lead the way? Or maybe you should just want to connect a group with some much-needed leadership. In any case, you'll find your managerial skills in demand as the week begins. By Tuesday afternoon and on through Thursday, you'll find yourself overwhelmed by a flood of new ideas. (See, daydreaming really can be productive!) Bat them back and forth with friends to separate the truly crazy ones from the merely unrealistic. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, put those ideas to work by reinventing your current outlook. On Saturday evening and Sunday, look for hidden solutions to difficult puzzles.

Pisces Love Horoscope This Week

You’re setting yourself free this week. As the week begins, you’re still processing the impact of Jupiter in your spiritual twelfth house as it squares Uranus in your communication sector. This may lead to you finally talk about something that you’ve kept secret, something you’re ready to get off your chest. On January 20, a conversation could change everything when Mars and Uranus blast through your chatty third house, encouraging everyone to say what they’ve always wanted to say.

However, be careful what you look for, because some information might not be worth knowing. On the twenty-third, Mars in your mental third house squares Jupiter in your twelfth house of all things unseen, pushing you to search for answers and lurk where you probably shouldn’t be lurking, especially as it pertains to an ex. Keep your eyes forward and focus on closure instead of lingering in the past.

The end of the week is all about healing and letting go. As the sun-Saturn conjunction sends strength to your twelfth house of spirituality, you might be sorting through skeletons in your closet and discovering all the many reasons you’re afraid of being alone.

Weekly Flirt - Cash flow is a big issue early in the week. You need to make sure that the way you take it in and send it out is sustainable for the long haul or fix it if it isn't. Though you're surrounded by positive energy midweek, you'll find it hard to deal with the strong personalities that surround you, especially if they demand immediate decisions. Try to put them off until Friday, when you'll be much stronger and in a better position to tell them what's what. On Sunday, you might have a sudden insight regarding where you're headed.

Pisces Business Horoscope This Week

You may feel tied to your resources as the week begins. On January 20, the moon transits your second house of money as it squares off with Pluto in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams. You may feel uncomfortable with your ability to achieve what you’ve always wanted. This day is also one during which Mars and Uranus conjoin, awakening your third house of communication. This inspires you to assure your independence and self-worth. Take this as an opportunity to negotiate better pay or spell out your terms more confidently.

It may feel nerve-racking at first, but by January 23, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest when Mars in your communication sector squares off with Jupiter in your spiritual twelfth house. This urges you to finally talk about what’s always been bothering you, in your career and outside of it. It’s time to let go of the limiting mindsets you’ve been holding onto and to heal wounds surrounding your career.

However, you might want to take the pressure off yourself by the end of the week. January 23 is also when the sun-Saturn conjunction sends sobering energy to your twelfth house of solitude—encouraging deeper reflection and rest for your ego.