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Libra Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

Break past old limits as the week begins. On Monday (and on through Tuesday morning), you might find yourself feeling overly sentimental, but just shuck that maudlin mood and embrace your own inner optimism. From Tuesday afternoon through Thursday, set out to try new things -- and meet new people. The time is right for romantic and intellectual breakthroughs. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect your routine to get disrupted. Things won't go as planned -- but that could be a good thing, provided you can stay flexible. On Saturday afternoon through Sunday, focus on your one-on-one relationships.

Libra Love Horoscope This Week

You could experience major shifts in the level of intimacy in your love life as the week begins. As you continue to feel the effects of Jupiter in your romantic fifth house squaring Uranus in your emotional eighth house, there could be major mood swings in your relationship and lots of ups and downs. By January 19, old defense mechanisms might create new problems as the moon in your partnership sector squares Venus in your fourth house of upbringing.

However, you have the power to really leave the past in the past when Mars and Uranus join forces in your eighth house of transformation on the twentieth. This could lead to a moment of rebirth in your relationship, encouraging you to leave behind a pattern or habit that’s held you back from really embracing love.

On January 23, Mars forms a square with Jupiter, spicing things up and giving you the power to intensify the depth of your love while also livening things up and enjoying each other’s company.

However, the sun-Saturn conjunction take place in your fifth house of fun and pleasure later the same day, bringing your awareness to how you can put more effort into keeping the romance alive. It takes work.

Weekly Flirt - You'll zoom into the week crackling with good energy and melt the hearts of anyone you meet. You'll have the hotties eating out of your hand, and even the grumpiest boss will ease up a little when you're on the clock. Midweek is a good time to reconsider your money situation. The bigger the changes you make the better. Your expressive nature comes out big time at the end of the week, and you'll be the one who spouts off about the big issue that's on everyone's mind. Old emotional issues might haunt you over the weekend, but you'll shake them off soon enough.

Libra Business Horoscope This Week

A colleague may be causing you discomfort in the workplace as the week begins. By January 20, the moon in your seventh house of partnerships will square off with Pluto in your sensitive fourth house, which could potentially leave you feeling ready to call it a day. Prepare for power dynamics to swerve into unexpected directions when the Mars-Uranus conjunction lights up your eighth house of shared energies. You may feel as though you’ve been pushed too far, which asks you to implement boundaries that protect your energy space at work.

While your instinct may be to avoid ruffling feathers, it’s important that people know how you feel and how to respect you. In fact, standing up for yourself could lead to a few creative breakthroughs, leaving you feel reminded of why you love the work that you do. By January 23, Mars in your determined eighth house will square with Jupiter in your playful fifth house and embracing a deep change will pave the way for a renewed connection to your artistic side.

However, let’s not forget the sun-Saturn conjunction also takes place in your fifth house on January 23, reminding you of your fears in creativity. How can you overcome them and get over these creative blocks? How can you invoke creativity within yourself?