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Libra Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 23, 2020

You can communicate with unusual quickness and clarity as the week begins. Use your excellent articulation to explore big ideas and let others know what you're really thinking. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll feel the depressing pressure of old problems and issues, but don't give into that maudlin mood -- you're too affable and easygoing for such self-indulgent whining. On Thursday and Friday, it's time to take on something (or someone) new. Variety will spice up your state of mind, and that novelty could even bring some romance along with it. This weekend, look for harmony and beauty in life's little things -- and share your perspective with someone else.

Libra Love Horoscope This Week

There are so many different ways to express love. Early in the week, the stars encourage your love language to be "acts of service." It might feel less exciting when love is smooth sailing, but it’s time to just enjoy the comfort you already have. A gift is also a beautiful say to say “I love you,” and it will most certainly be well received. If you’re missing a little drama in your love life, it won’t be missing for long. By later in the week, passion will lead to sultry moments or heated arguments. Some deep-seated resentment may resurface, and unless you work on this issue, it will continue to haunt your relationships.

Weekly Flirt - Your mind is open and your ears are perked. Someone has something to tell you on Monday. Forget the madness of your own life for a minute and listen. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, buoyed by the knowledge that you are a true friend to someone, carry yourself with confidence. A cute someone is going to take notice and begin shamelessly flirting with you. Life is good! Squeeze all the romance you can out of the middle of the week, because Friday returns you to duller matters. On Sunday, explore your feelings about you know who with a heart-to-heart conversation.

Libra Business Horoscope This Week

It’s time to liven up the way you work. You're yearning for beauty and culture early in the week, so enrich your routine with some luxury. You might feel inspired if you purchase some fancy new office supplies. Something as simple as a glossy new pen or colorful keyboard could really get the juices flowing. You might experience some creative differences with a partner midweek. There's a lot of passion on both sides. If you disagree, you’ll disagree a lot. You’ll be forced to work it out because of realities such as a looming deadline. Compromise is key. By week's end, you may be dealing with chaos You can’t let your proficiency rely on everything being in the right place. Remember that your talent is the only tool you need.