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Weekly Horoscope Libra - This Week

Libra Horoscope Overview This Week

Libra native, this week, you could have a creative breakthrough if you let go of an old rule.

Libra Love Horoscope This Week

Your perspective of love is formed at a young age, and sometimes, we inherit unhealthy relationship dynamics from what we learned in our early childhood. On February 16, some of these unhealthy dynamics may come back into play when the moon in your partnership sector squares Pluto in your fourth house of home and family. Remember—you can take control of this narrative. Spend time redefining your understanding of love and partnership instead of allowing it to be defined for you.

Weekly Flirt - The good feelings linger on Monday, and it's still a good time to get yourself involved in something sweet, so go looking for love if you want. You'll feel like shopping midweek, and it's as good a time as any for you to get your hands on some cool new stuff. Your brain starts to grow just a little bit smarter later on, and if you're in school, your studies will seem to take care of themselves. Be a little careful on Sunday. Your pace could slow down before you know it and you might stumble if you try to push it.

Libra Business Horoscope This Week

This week, you might find it difficult to connect with your creative inspiration. On February 17, Saturn in your fifth house of artistic expression will square off Uranus in your transformative eighth house, pushing you to take drastic measures in order to generate new ideas and passion in your work. You may be struggling to find meaning in the projects you’re currently involved in, and while it may require you to look outside the box to find what you’re looking for, beware of crossing a boundary that you can’t come back from.