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Libra Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 20, 2020

You could be inspired to speak up about your ideas, your motivations, and your goals in a bolder, more direct way on January 20 when the emotional moon pairs up with go-getter Mars in your third house of communication. Your innate curiosity is amplified, and you’ll have an insatiable urge to connect with others. 

And then around January 24, when the new moon falls in your fifth house of romance, you’ll want to put work aside and focus more on the aspects of life that feel pleasurable, playful, beautiful, and fun. Creative self-expression is magnified now, as well, especially because the moon forms a cozy conjunction to communicator Mercury, so if you’ve been wanting to send that flirtatious text or pitch that artistic idea to higher-ups, now’s the time.

Libra Love Horoscope This Week

You need to stick to business early this week -- in fact, you may want to defer the romance 'til Tuesday. That doesn't mean you can't fantasize or pore over the personals on your downtime, though! You've got a rush of emotion coming in strong over the next few days, and can focus your energy on interacting with your sweetie or making it easier to meet someone new. You may need to guess at some unspoken rules this weekend, but you're not so bad at that, really. It may be that nobody knows them yet, though!

Weekly Flirt - You might get a little angry with someone early this week when they disappoint you, but try not to let it turn into a big deal. Some of your ideals are personal and shouldn't be projected on others. You may get into a tussle with your boss or landlord later in the week, so try to avoid any situations that might turn into confrontations. The weekend is sweet relief -- you get along well with pretty much everyone and hit it off in a big way with someone new, smart and cute.

Libra Business Horoscope This Week

You know work's about more than money, but you may need reminding as this week begins. Assess your job satisfaction in a holistic way. Then changes need to be made, inevitably and the stars favor starting now -- on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, that is. Make your pitch for altering your role, moving up and/or greater compensation, or work your network for something altogether new. The positivity of responses may surprise you. And the work/personal life balance is in jeopardy this weekend -- make conscious choices.