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Libra Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jun 24, 2019

Your social calendar is sure to be even more packed than usual with networking opportunities and meet-ups with friends and loved ones while communicator Mercury is in your eleventh house of friendship from June 26 to July 19. And don’t be surprised if you have a plethora of reunions—both planned and impromptu—with people from your past once the communication planet is retrograde from July 7 to 31. You’re sure to enjoy reconnecting. On June 27, a moon and Uranus conjunction in your eighth house of sexual intimacy fuels a desire to do something completely unusual and out of the blue with your partner or a potential lover. Trusting your instincts and being adventurous and spontaneous is sure to make sparks fly.

Libra Love Horoscope This Week

You'll have better luck offering a friend some romantic advice on Monday than you will with your own affairs of the heart -- sometimes it's just that way. Then, around Tuesday and Wednesday, expect extremes, especially surrounding relationships (or feelings about them). It's up, it's down, it's rarely in the middle where you'd probably prefer it to be. Wait for the end of the workweek, when you can make sense of things and take advantage of sweet energy from the stars. And this weekend, sharing is favored (and, as they say, sharing is caring!). What would you like to share -- and with whom?

Weekly Flirt - As the week begins, you need to strike the right balance between selfishness and selflessness. Fortunately, that's something you're particularly skilled at -- at work or even in romance. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you're even more charming than usual, which means you might need to go incognito if you want to avoid crowds of admirers. (Or, of course, you can just kick back and enjoy your superpowered magnetism!) On Thursday and Friday, seek novelty in your thoughts, conversations and even your dating choices. This weekend, try to buckle down and stick with the plan.

Libra Business Horoscope This Week

You hate to give in when you feel like your way is the right way, but on Monday, giving in is a much better option than getting your way. This issue is not that big of a deal, and you want to keep your relationships in the office positive. Tuesday and Wednesday, you have more cooperation than ever before, largely because of your recent willingness to concede to a colleague. You also have big ideas about how to leverage the group's abilities. Thursday and Friday, you have back-to-back meetings. Bring some enthusiasm or some treats to the table. Nothing beats a surprise.