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Leo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 23, 2020

Romance is on the rise on Monday! You're full of fire and flirtatiousness as the week begins, and your energy knows no bounds -- expect others (naturally) to fall smitten at your feet. That confidence and charisma continues into Tuesday and Wednesday, and you'll have the drive to get what you want, provided you're willing to help others get what they want, too. On Thursday and Friday, beware of potential conflicts and clashes. Your ego could get the better of you right now, and you may need to let go rather than cling too tightly. On Saturday and Sunday, avoid any interaction involving money. This time is better spent making art and getting in touch with your instincts.

Leo Love Horoscope This Week

You’re starting an incredibly romantic and fun-filled journey now. This is your time to remember that love is supposed to be enjoyable, not burdensome, so spice things up. It might be time to finally be honest about your feelings for someone. Where’s the excitement in love without a little risk? It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. The adventure doesn’t stop there either, because by later in the week, there’s no better time to experiment in the bedroom and express your desires in an adventurous way. Gain as many love-filled experiences as you can. Actions speak louder than words.

Weekly Flirt - You're pinching pennies more than usual on Monday. It's not that you don't have enough money to buy things. It's just that you're taking a hard look at what you value, and what you value isn't always the most expensive thing. Sometimes it doesn't cost anything at all. Friendship figures strongly on Tuesday. And someone might ask you out on a date Wednesday. A sudden development, but many of the best things in life are sudden. At the end of the week, take a deep look at everything around you. Then on Sunday, throw caution to the wind and let yourself be wildly romantic.

Leo Business Horoscope This Week

You’re feeling so open and dedicated to your energy this week, making it a beautiful time for meaningful collaboration. By midweek, work isn’t just about numbers and productivity, and you’re facilitating an environment where people feel right at home when they work with you. You’re making leaps and bounds! Incorporate spontaneous ideas into the mix. Working in a different environment will inspire you beyond belief. Take advantage of this now because it could be a lot more difficult to see the full picture late in the week. Being resourceful will reveal just how clever you can be. However, your reputation could cross into unknown territory. You may have to decide whether to focus on what’s going on at home or drive forth in your career.