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Weekly Horoscope Leo - This Week

Leo Horoscope Overview This Week

Leo native, this week you are the star of the show. Others are lining up for an audience with you.

Leo Love Horoscope This Week

You’ve been embracing some major changes as of late, especially with regard to your career and your love life. However, these changes may start ruffling a few feathers by February 17. Saturn in your partnership sector will square off Uranus in your tenth house of ambitions, which may leave you feeling like you have to choose between your relationship and your own personal career goals.

Weekly Flirt - The good vibes keep on coming Monday, and the more time you spend with your people, the better you will feel. Check in with yourself in the middle of the week and don't worry too much if other people think you're being standoffish or out of touch. Take care of business and you'll be ready for the big adventure that's coming on Thursday or Friday. You'll whip through it and have a blast, maybe picking up a love connection along the way. You'll be proud of yourself Sunday, but don't tell too many stories on yourself.

Leo Business Horoscope This Week

You’re doing some serious thinking about your career and where you’re headed next this week. On February 17, Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships will square Uranus in your career sector, which may leave you feeling torn between your loyalty to a colleague and your desire to go out on your own. What you may be craving is independence and the ability to call all your own shots. However, severing ties is a drastic move, which might complicate things.