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Leo Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

You know what you want as the week begins, so go ahead and go after it! On Monday and on through Tuesday morning, you should find plenty of opportunities to achieve your goals (and maybe even show off in the process). Expect others to admire your accomplishments, but going into Tuesday afternoon and through Thursday, try to ease back on your own ego. Others might be looking for a chance to butt heads and your pride could lead you into conflict. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, take your time and trust your instincts -- especially in financial matters. From Saturday afternoon through Sunday, set out to learn something new (and have fun doing it).

Leo Love Horoscope This Week

Strange rumors may be swirling around this week, creating discord in your love life. As the week begins, you still feel Jupiter in your partnership sector squaring off with Uranus in your tenth house of reputation, paving the way for shocking news about you or your lover to be unveiled. This news could lead you to question whether you’re on the same page by January 20, when the moon in your philosophical ninth house squares off with Saturn in your seventh house of relationships.

However, that same day, you might leak some news as Mars and Uranus join forces in your tenth house of public relations, potentially shocking people with an updated relationship status or provocative social media post that catches everyone’s attention. A lot is changing at once, and on the twenty-third, you’ll understand whether a relationship will come along with you in this next phase of life. When Mars in your ambitious tenth house squares off with Jupiter, it could encourage you to go hard after your goals but potentially leave someone behind in the process.

Tension could create stress in your love life by the end of the day Saturday, when the sun-Saturn conjunction sends a serious vibe to your partnership sector. You no longer have space in your life for immature relationship dynamics. You’re ready to grow up.

Weekly Flirt - You should have no trouble getting your plans together early in the week. You might find a good deal on gadgets or tech gear if you're in the market. As the week progresses, look under the surface of your relationships (both at home and elsewhere) and pick one or two to work on. You should start to see results rather quickly, and by Friday you'll be having fun exploring the new horizons you just opened up. Take all the time you need. It's a good weekend to spend with the people you care about. On Sunday, you might make a new connection and impress them with your enthusiasm.

Leo Business Horoscope This Week

A relationship may be in jeopardy thanks to development in your career. The week begins with Jupiter in your partnership sector, squaring off with Uranus in your career sector. This could lead to changes that rattle the relationship dynamic you’ve established. Look within and ask yourself what you’re willing to change in order to make things work.

By January 20, you’re demanding more freedom from your career. Mars and Uranus will join forces in your tenth house of social status, inspiring you to leave that dead-end job or finally harness the courage it takes to go after the career you really want. Sometimes, success requires a leap of faith. And even though your success may be bringing you away from old colleague, you’re quickly making new connections throughout it all. Mars will square against Jupiter in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships by January 23, motivating you to reach out and connect with all the right people.

January 23 is also when the sun-Saturn conjunction sends a serious message to your partnership sector, which may lead you to a make-it-or-break-it moment. Are you ready to leave behind a partnership that’s leading nowhere? Or are you finally willing to put all your effort into making it work?