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Gemini Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Sep 9, 2019

You’ll do well to have a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one on September 13 when communicator Mercury and relationship-oriented Venus pair up in your fourth house of home life. Putting your deepest emotions into words comes even more organically now, and the discussion can lead to a harmonious, healing experience for you both.

You might be called on to head up a major professional project or make a crucial presentation around September 14 when the full moon is in your tenth house of career. Basically, you can’t escape the spotlight on the job, and you won’t want to, because the more you can step up to the plate now, the more likely you’ll impress higher-ups. You’ll also do well to run with your most imaginative ideas, even if they initially seem impractical.

Gemini Love Horoscope This Week

Your love life makes no sense on Monday and Tuesday. As soon as you think you're onto some kind of understanding of it, a contravening fact occurs to you. There is a very good chance you're thinking about this too hard. Matters of love (and not-love) never make rational sense. Wednesday and Thursday, discussing all this with a close ally will lead to a sparkling insight. Your perspective might change radically. Friday and Saturday, do something creative to keep your mind going in productive directions. If it occurs to you, give you-know-who a call on Sunday.

Weekly Flirt - You're pretty far out there early this week -- in terms of both your thinking and your behavior. It's a good time to meet up with people you'd ordinarily never run into. Get your social needs taken care of by Wednesday, because you have a midweek lull in which social signals just don't make any sense. Try not to panic. Communication picks up again sometime on Friday, and helps you figure things out with that one stranger you want to know better.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Week

Your mind is so open that you could fly a plane through it on Monday. That's good, because an open mind is the answer right now. Or, rather, that open mind lets you find the answer. On Tuesday, listening with everything you've got is crucial. Expect to be radically educated in something. On Wednesday and Thursday, all the new information leads to you think about big changes, which leaves you feeling a bit unsettled. It also excites you. Friday and Saturday, seek advice from people who've steered big projects before.