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Weekly Horoscope Gemini - This Week

Gemini Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Oct 26, 2020

You’ll be even more eager than usual to seek out pleasurable, lighthearted, artistic endeavors and to express what’s in your heart while social Venus moves through your fifth house of romance from October 27 to November 21. If you’ve been itching to jump into a creative project or share a heartwarming experience with a loved one, now can be a sweet time to do so. 

You might feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate lately and feel like you could use a time-out from the daily grind around October 31 when the full moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality. It’ll feel almost essential now to prioritize restful, restorative activities that nurture your body and soul. Stretching, meditation, deep breathing, or even more advanced energy work like Reiki could be exactly what you need to feel centered and ready to take on whatever is coming down the road. 

Gemini Love Horoscope This Week

Entertaining your curious, clever mind is the key to your heart at the week's outset. You could find someone highly unlikely highly desirable based on what's between their ears now. Don't expect a certain person to have ESP around Wednesday. Ask directly for what you want. You might just get it. From Thursday evening through almost the entire weekend, romance looks grand. You've got the energy to charm anyone and everyone, and if you focus in your attention on someone in particular, they haven't got a chance.

Weekly Flirt - Getting through to your family at the beginning of the week is going to be no easy thing. But be as clear as possible and don't fret about what they think. They love you and it's okay that you don't always see eye to eye. No matter how the conversation goes, the rest of the week is going to be pretty incredible. And, yes, romantic, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, when you and you know who get to spend your time focusing on each other. Friday and Saturday, you're going to be somewhat withdrawn and lost in thought about it all, but an afternoon date on Sunday is a swell idea.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Week

The best way to get things done at the start of the week is to be direct. No dancing around the issue. No begging for business. On Tuesday, you have so many things to think about and so many errands to run that you might miss an important appointment if you're not careful. A business partner figures prominently on Wednesday and Thursday, the kind of partner who can take the proverbial ball and run with it (the best kind of partner to have). The end of the week sees you slowing down a bit. You're sitting back and observing and putting everything into perspective.