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Gemini Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of May 25, 2020

Feeling like you’re unable to say how you feel or enjoy a pleasurable activity with loved ones could lead to frustration on May 30 when the emotional moon in your fourth house of home life forms a tense square to romantic Venus, currently retrograde in your sign. You can best cope by recognizing that this moment is ultimately fleeting and by practicing self-care, which could look as simple as focusing on your breath or taking a time-out for a walk around the block. 

Then, on May 31, the intuitive moon in your fifth house of romance forms a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn in your ninth house of adventure, bringing a certain level of seriousness to your closest bonds and wildest fantasies of travel and learning. Consider joining up with a significant other or friend to see an artistic project through. 

Gemini Love Horoscope This Week

You may be brought down to earth with a bump at the beginning of the week. Your romantic ideals are admittedly a little pie in the sky, and right now there's some real stuff to deal with on the ground. Those same ideals could undergo dramatic shifts after Wednesday. You're open to positive change, and a radical new idea in the love department could be just what the heart ordered. This weekend, you're inundated with emotions (possibly due to some rather mixed messages). Your instinct to communicate about it is noble, but you probably can't clear things up until next week.

Weekly Flirt - You were pretty sure you knew how you felt about this person at the week's start, but someone's brought up a good point you hadn't considered. It's amazing how intelligent and perceptive your friends are. Maybe it's time you looked at this relationship with an entirely new set of eyes. Midweek, a new set of eyes is exactly what you're going to wish you had. Everything that seemed crystal clear is suddenly going to turn blurry. What's up? Share this latest development with your friends near the end of the week. When it comes to quality advice, they're the best.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Week

Expect big change early in the week. If you can instigate or at least guide the change, its chances of improving efficiency will increase dramatically. It's a good time to try bold new initiatives and think strategically. Wednesday and Thursday will be a time of confusion, perhaps related to unintended consequences of the changes from earlier in the week, but it will pass and the group will feel stronger as a result. Friday and the weekend are perfect for clear communication and strengthening work relationships. Take the lead by reaching out to those you haven't heard from in a while.