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Gemini Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 11, 2019

Although you’re prone to going nonstop socially and professionally, it might be time to take a time-out around November 12 when the full moon is in your twelfth house of spirituality. You might feel like you’re on the brink of burnout and need to spend solo time resting and recharging. There’s no shame in self-care; it might even make easier for you to hit the ground running when you get back to business.

And on November 14, when the emotional moon in your sign squares off against rational thought-clouding Neptune in your tenth house of career, you might struggle to get a grip on the exact facts you need on hand to make professional progress. It might also be tough to get a good read on your intuition, so wait until the confusion has passed before taking action.

Gemini Love Horoscope This Week

Something that is not such a big deal appears to be a prison wall early this week. Your sense of imitation is certainly overblown, but that doesn't mean you can just shrug it off easily. By Wednesday, you feel much better and can expect intense conversations that lead to all sorts of good places -- your ideas will generate hours of entertainment. You could get a little hung up on material possessions this weekend, but you may be able to turn that into an opportunity to give a sweet gift.

Weekly Flirt - You have a lot on your mind early this week, and nearly all of it is going to be good ideas and fun plans. Your people are going to rely on you to keep them motivated -- which should be easy. Watch out for infighting among your social circle on Wednesday and Thursday, thanks to some complicated emotional vibes that sweep up everyone nearby. The weekend is all about action, and you're more than ready to take on the world. All of your plans should work out well.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Week

You encounter more people than you can keep straight on Monday and Tuesday -- and, increasingly, keeping them straight is important. Moreover, they're people you like, people you could enjoy spending time with in your nonwork hours. (Well, some of them at least!) Wednesday and Thursday, you're too focused on the vicissitudes of your checking account to give the people around you their due, so make up for that on Friday. In fact, Friday is all about demonstrating to the people you work with how much you like them. Carry this energy forward into the rest of your life this weekend.