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Capricorn Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jul 27, 2020

A brewing conflict with loved ones might be weighing on your heart and mind on July 27 when communicator Mercury in your seventh house of partnership forms a difficult square to go-getter Mars in your fourth house of home life. You’ll want to speak the truth in a direct way, which might feel like the speediest path to a resolution, but you’ll do well to take a moment to think about where everyone else in the equation is coming from. Trying to infuse your words with extra diplomacy and sensitivity can preempt the situation from escalating. 

And on July 30, communicator Mercury in your seventh house of partnership forms a sweet trine to dreamy Neptune in your third house of communication, bringing an imaginative, magical vibe to your interactions with a lover or close friend. If you want to dive into a creative collaboration together, now’s a beautiful time!

Capricorn Love Horoscope This Week

Your faithfulness to your own integrity and unstoppable perseverance pay off big time in the realm of romance at the beginning of the week. Shove work to the side and indulge in some leisure and sweet love. An overly complicated idea or situation can be happily simplified on Thursday or Friday. Just pare away the extra until you see the core. The coupled might think their partner is overreacting this weekend, but try to understand how you'd feel if you let your heart rule your mind. Singletons can expect some romantic change. Welcome it.

Weekly Flirt - No matter what happens on Monday, let your feelings be known. None of your friends are mind readers, and if you want them to know how happy you are about something, or how bummed out you are about something, you should tell them. They'll be nothing but supportive. Dealing with things up front is a good policy for the entire week, actually. Communicate, communicate, communicate. And tell a good friend how you're feeling about all the changes afoot in your life. Talking things through is a great way to clarify your feelings.

Capricorn Business Horoscope This Week

The week starts very well for you, and you should be feeling good about where you are and where you think you're headed. Watch out for people who talk a lot but don't have much to say during the first half of the week. Try to get them to cut to the chase, or cut them off. New ideas are important in the second half of the week, and it might be up to you to evaluate them. Whatever happens, make sure that you're open to all possibilities. Sunday might be problematic if you have to deal with anything work related.