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Capricorn Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 20, 2020

Your emotions are bound to be intensified and even weightier than usual on January 23 when the intuitive moon pairs up with transformative Pluto and taskmaster Saturn in your sign. Instead of brushing them under the rug and proceeding with your work, as you are often apt to do, you’ll do well to get curious. While it might be more of a time to reflect than take concrete action, you’ll learn quite a bit simply by giving yourself permission to look at the roots of these uncomfortable feelings. 

And then around January 24, when the new moon is in your second house of income, you’ll get the green light to explore and begin to pursue a new moneymaking plan, investment strategy, or business proposal. The more realistic and forward-thinking you can be in crafting your game plan, the better the results. 

Capricorn Love Horoscope This Week

You need to organize your thoughts and feelings before interacting with anyone you have any romantic feelings for today -- otherwise, you're sure to trip over your words and maybe blurt out the opposite of what you mean. You may find that you've gotten a lot closer through the middle part of the week without any conscious effort on your part -- in fact, you might not even have seen much of each other for various reasons! The weekend brings great energy and a sense of accomplishment, even if you're still searching.

Weekly Flirt - You get going pretty quickly on Monday, and you might actually speed through a week's worth of chores in less than 48 hours. You won't even realize how far ahead you are until you're done. The second half of the week will be a little slower, but a lot better for you, with people lining up to give you well-deserved props. Try to mix up your routines a little bit over the weekend, but not so much that you need to explain anything to anyone.

Capricorn Business Horoscope This Week

This workweek's all about organization. While you're more than on top of it as the week begins -- both small-scale planning and major decisions ought to come easily now -- around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, your system may break down, your discipline may falter. Shore up your work foundations now. Why is it you're doing what you do? How do the long-term goals look from here? You need real motivation to get to the next level. After putting some hard thought into it, all can become more clear this weekend. Now your life purpose and skills intersect.