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Capricorn Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Nov 11, 2019

All the to-dos you’ve been so diligently focused on may have been curbing your ability to relax and have fun, but you’ll be beyond ready to let loose around November 12 when the full moon is in your fifth house of romance. Allowing yourself a break from professional responsibilities and ambitious projects to kick back with a lover or friends can help you rest and come back to everything on your plate with a fresh, invigorated perspective.

And on November 16, when the emotional moon in your seventh house of partnership forms a harmonizing trine to dreamy Neptune in your third house of communication, you might be more inclined to share your fantasies with your partner or a potential match. The conversation can make for a magical chemistry boost.

Capricorn Love Horoscope This Week

Remember to relax early this week, especially if you're out on an intense date. You're feeling pretty good, but it's just all too easy for you to wind yourself up and forget to breathe naturally. The middle of the week is perfect for long talks, though you may not want to delve too deeply into any one particular subject -- it could spoil the mood! Your energy this weekend is perfect for socializing, so parties and double dates feel just right as long as you're in the right company.

Weekly Flirt - You're going to go through a phase of amazing mental clarity early this week, so if there's been any weird business that needs solid thinking, try to get it out of the way. You're going to be focused on (well, obsessing over, really) one person midweek, so much so that you might end up learning more than you really want to know. Expect to send some emergency love over to a friend or relative this weekend. This person needs it a lot more than anyone else you'll be able to think of.

Capricorn Business Horoscope This Week

Don't be afraid to cut lots of verbiage out of a business document at the start of the week. Sometimes more words only lead to more confusion. And if it turns out later that you need some of those words back, well, that's easy. Efficiency is at a premium all week. If there's a new person in the office on Wednesday or Thursday, consider them the priority and don't worry about making small talk with the regular crowd. Friday is not the most relaxing day of your career, but it flies by. Expect your coworkers to be running around complaining that they don't have the time they need.