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Cancer Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jun 24, 2019

While communicator Mercury moves through your second house of income from June 26 to July 19, you’ll be fired up to go after your boldest ideas while simultaneously dreaming up new ways to bring in cash. Bear in mind that this may be more of a research and development phase than time to take concrete action, but trust your gut and work alongside others to hit your goals, and you’ll be right on track. On June 30, the moon in your twelfth house of spirituality squares off against rational thought-skewing Neptune in your ninth house of adventure, and you might have intense dreams that have you feeling a bit off and veering a bit into existential crisis mode. You’ll do well to engage in a grounding practice (like meditation), which can feel emotionally centering and allow you to see the truth of the matter.

Cancer Love Horoscope This Week

Your energy's great but your attention's a little scattered on Monday. Don't miss a romantic signal because your head's in the clouds. Then, around Tuesday and Wednesday, rather than fret about your love life or risk a fight with a certain someone, try some solo time -- a movie, a long walk, a nice dinner out by yourself. Get centered. You'll want to be in fine form for the end of the workweek, when fun and flirtation make themselves available for you (be available for them!). This weekend, don't get distracted by a peripheral issue; there's a real matter of the heart at stake.

Weekly Flirt - Expect some exceptionally speedy mental acuity as the week begins. Your brain is as fast as lightning on Monday, and others have trouble even keeping up. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you have the best time hanging out in big groups -- so get your charming self out there and socialize! Thursday and Friday should prove perfect days for breaking out of your shell even more, so ignore any pesky authority figures who try to hold you back. This weekend, look sharp and be assertive. The spotlight is on you!

Cancer Business Horoscope This Week

You tend to blurt out what you think before letting others respond on Monday. You don't do it out of hostility, although some may interpret it that way. So be wary. Tuesday and Wednesday, be clear and charming -- and, if you can afford it, treat someone to an unusual lunch. On Thursday, when someone tells you you've missed the point on something, consider that you may indeed have missed the point. You appreciate that sort of frankness. Friday finds you being, once again, outspoken and irreverent, although for some reason it gets a great response this time.