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Weekly Horoscope Cancer - This Week

Cancer Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jan 18, 2021

If you're looking to avoid misunderstandings and mishaps, lay low as the week begins. From Monday on through Tuesday morning, you'll have a hard time making yourself clear to others. From Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon, you'll have much better luck communicating -- especially if you can appeal to people's heads rather than their hearts. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, your mind is chomping at the bit and wanting to wander. Go ahead and drop the leash -- you could learn a lot from some mental meandering right now. On Saturday evening and Sunday, think before you speak (and look before you leap).

Cancer Love Horoscope This Week

Your focus on your career could create discord in a relationship as the week begins. On January 19, the moon in your ambitious tenth house forms a square with Venus in your seventh house of partnerships, and workaholic tendencies could leave you feeling unable to properly tend to your relationship.

The social energy you’re immersed in by the twentieth allows you to meet many exciting people thanks to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in your eleventh house of community. If you’re single, you could feel totally inspired by all the minds you’re connecting with. The next day, the moon in your extraverted eleventh house forms a trine with Venus, paving the way for you to deepen your affinity for whomever you click with the most.

January 23 should be romantic because Venus forms a sextile with Neptune in your expansive ninth house, encouraging you to adventure outside your comfort zone. However, this is also when the sun-Saturn conjunction lands in your emotional eighth house, bringing intimacy issues to the surface. Attempt to work through whatever is holding you back from truly letting someone in.

Weekly Flirt - Dealing with others will be more difficult early in the week. Try to get your beef out early and communicate as clearly as possible, but don't be surprised if bad vibes linger for a little while. Midweek brings emotional intensity and upheaval, and you might be one of the few people around who can deal with the issues like a grown-up. Help your people ride out the storm. By Friday, the worst will be over and you should treat yourself to something nice and totally you-focused. Whatever it takes. Sunday brings a hot issue you'll need to deal with right away.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Week

As the week begins, you may struggle to exert power and dominance over your reality. Jupiter in your intense eighth house will square off with Uranus in your social eleventh house, which may leave you worried about your influence over the people you work with. As the moon in your career sector squares off with Pluto in your partnership sector by January 20, a sense of competition may arise between you and a colleague.

But don’t worry about impressing people you may have outgrown. January 20 is also when Mars will join forces with Uranus in your eleventh house of community, which may lead you toward a new set of likeminded people that understand what your goals are at the moment. Embrace this surge of restless energy that will finally give you the courage to walk away from people who aren’t supporting your growth.

By January 23, Venus in your partnership sector will form a trine with Neptune in your expansive ninth house, helping you establish growth amongst the new relationships you’re making. You may feel guarded as the sun and Saturn connect in your intimate eighth house, but it will also inspire you to make a smart decision regarding how you spend your money and energy.