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Cancer Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Oct 26, 2020

If you’ve been putting off addressing an ongoing emotional issue with a loved one, you might do well to finally have that necessary heart-to-heart from October 27 to November 3 while communicator Mercury moves backward through your fourth house of home life. Putting your energy toward fostering—and perhaps, in some cases, even repairing—familial bonds can prove undeniably, powerfully healing. 

Then, you’ll be reflecting on how you fit into the various groups in your life—with colleagues, your community, your friends—around October 31 when the full moon falls in your eleventh house of networking and wishes. You could realize that certain communal experiences are central to your happiness and well-being, and you’ll want to take steps to nurture and grow them, which could set you up for even more emotional and social wellness. 

Cancer Love Horoscope This Week

You might want to start the week in style on Monday, treating your partner or a friend to something special for no special reason. Why not enjoy the heck out of life? Making plans of all sorts is favored from Tuesday through Thursday, so schedule some sweet stuff for the future. You're also extra analytical now, so a relationship could be put under intense—and fruitful—scrutiny. Some interpersonal tension is begging to be broken this weekend. A stormy argument isn't out of the question, but then neither is some kissing and making up.

Weekly Flirt - You've made some headway with you know who, and the beginning of the week would be a good time to call and see if they're up for getting together sometime in the next week or so. Make a tentative plan that either one of you can cancel. That way they can opt out. And then just see what happens. Love-wise, this is a mellow week for you. Wednesday and Thursday, you're caught up in stuff at home. You may get involved in a minor argument about something. This weekend, do something for yourself. Read a book. Brainy is way sexy.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Week

Monday is a great day for making plans. Everyone's ready for the next step, and they're looking to you for guidance. A meeting figures on Tuesday, a chance for everyone to air their ideas. But not everyone's ideas are going to work, and things will grow more complicated on Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, a couple of the variables you were counting on are changing. If you can smooth things over with your associates and come up with a sound business plan in the process, you'll be the star. Still, anticipate some emotional upheaval toward the end of the week, and don't set anything in stone.