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Cancer Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Mar 30, 2020

Carving out time to get in touch with your most intuitive, psychic side could be especially beneficial to your personal growth on April 3 when information-gathering Mercury pairs up with dreamy Neptune in your ninth house of higher education and adventure. Communicating and dreaming about spiritual pursuits (like Tarot or takeaways from journaling sessions) on your own or with loved ones could prove truly eye-opening and revelation-bringing.

And on April 5, the emotional moon in your third house of communication forms a harmonizing trine to revolutionary Uranus in your eleventh house of networking, spurring out-of-the-blue events related to your everyday work and interactions with colleagues and friends. If you can be open to being thrown off course and perhaps even out of your comfort zone, you could benefit from this surprising moment.

Cancer Love Horoscope This Week

You feel like crawling into your shell on Monday and Tuesday. Respect that by keeping your head down and doing something special for yourself -- a massage perhaps? Wednesday, you'll still feel like hibernating. It's okay to be quiet, but make sure you're not sending out signals that you're not interested in romance. You're just more about your intellect than your emotions this week, and more interested in staying in than going out. This will go on through the weekend. Sunday, you'll get a little dreamy, but you'll still feel mellow. How about curling up on the couch (not necessarily alone) and watching a movie?

Weekly Flirt - On Monday, you want to get in the bathtub with a magazine and a radio playing in the background and never get out. Call in sick, leave work early -- whatever you have to do to get some time to yourself, you should do. How are you ever going to make a good connection with someone if you're always exhausted? Store up some energy early in the week, and on Thursday, you'll want to run and jump in the front yard. You'll be beaming by Saturday, which might finally be the magic day.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Week

It might be friendly fire, but it'll still sting on Monday when problems with coworkers erupt into craziness. You might feel better hiding in your cube, but eventually you'll have to come out and face it. Money issues crop up midweek, and everyone around you will need to pitch in to make them right again. By Friday you'll be back on top of the game and ready to think big about the future -- yours and your industry's. If there's work to be done Sunday, get it over with quickly. You'll be prone to frustration, but your mind will be sharp.