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Aquarius Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of Jul 27, 2020

You might be aggravated if far too many of your to-dos feel painfully monotonous and fail to fire you up inside, and in turn, you could take your frustration out on others on July 27 when messenger Mercury in your sixth house of daily routine forms a tense square to go-getter Mars in your third house of communication. Of course, exploding on a sibling, friend, or colleague might not be the most productive way to cope with this particular challenge, so doing your best to stay measured and pragmatic might be the best way forward. 

And on July 29, the emotional moon in your eleventh house of networking forms a harmonizing trine to dreamy Neptune in your second house of income, urging you to tap into your heart and your imagination to boost your cash flow.

Aquarius Love Horoscope This Week

Talk about a week of ups and downs in the realm of romance! Well, love's just as unpredictable as you are, especially now. Boredom with the same old, same old sets in at the beginning of the week, but if you engage your heart and brain, you can make big discoveries. Then—bam!—Thursday and Friday are suddenly electrified, with romance glowing like a million-watt bulb. You love the kind of shocks you're getting—and giving—now. This weekend, you're totally off your even keel, with emotions rocking you to and fro. Don't overthink it. Take a long walk.

Weekly Flirt - It's natural to feel a bit crazed when so much is changing around you. Change is a crazy thing. It's also, of course, healthy. You have a ton of things still to learn about the world, and a couple things to learn about yourself, too. A sizzling romance midweek is going to demonstrate just how exciting change can be. As always, the more open-minded you remain, the happier you're going to be. Which is not to say you're going be happy all the time. You might experience a bout of moodiness this weekend, for example. But good things are coming your way.

Aquarius Business Horoscope This Week

Long-timers have a lot to tell you on Monday, so try to act interested. It could be that one holds an important clue for you. Midweek looks promising. You could round up a whole new slate of clients or candidates for that important position. Keep an eye out for connections that spark over small things. Stick to your routine later in the week. That regularity will be the key to helping you deal with the stresses that inevitably crop up. Sunday brings an opportunity for a compromise that works to your advantage.