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Aquarius Horoscope Overview This Week

Week of May 25, 2020

Read up on new ways to take your health, fitness, clean eating, and immunity-boosting plan to the next level from May 28 on, thanks to communicator Mercury moving through your sixth house of wellness and daily routine. What you learn could give you a renewed sense of confidence in your everyday self-care. 

Then, on May 31, when the emotional moon in your ninth house of higher learning forms a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn in your sign, you could find you’re eager to hunker down and commit yourself to continuing education and honing key skills that fuel your passion for your work and ultimately help advance your career. Feeling like you have a set game plan can prove motivating and reassuring that you’re moving the ball forward on your goals. 

Aquarius Love Horoscope This Week

If a favorite romantic dream of yours seems to get stomped at the beginning of the week, scrape up the pieces and start making something even better (if perhaps slightly more realistic). Don't spend too long wondering why. Take yourself to a place with breathing room and get to work. Sometime Wednesday, you're back to your scintillating self, and you're having flashes of inspiration right, left, and sideways. It's exactly what the old heart needed, and it lasts through Friday. This weekend, put yourself first. Decide what you want and accept no substitutes.

Weekly Flirt - You haven't had a Monday—or a week—like this in a long time. The world is big, and its possibilities are endless. And you're feeling better than you have in a while, and feeling better always goes along with looking better, too. People are affected by your brilliance. Don't be surprised if you turn some heads midweek. You might not have all the money in the world right now, but you have a ton of things money can never buy. The weekend is going to be full of discovery and adventure. There's a chance a little romance might be even be involved.

Aquarius Business Horoscope This Week

The first two days of this week will be filled with good buzz. Your ideas will float to the top, and you'll find that people are more attentive than usual. Try something new. Rein yourself in midweek, though. By Wednesday, you might be seized with an extravagant impulse that should be suppressed for the time being. Financial risks will not pay off. Friday brings new opportunities, possibly too many to jump on all at once. Choose carefully, but go into it wholeheartedly. You'll feel like plowing through more work over the weekend.