Taurus Zodiac Sign


Taurus who are they?

Symbol: Taurus Symbol

Sign name: Taurus

English name: The Bull

Element: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Negative

Period of birth: April 20 – May 20

Taurus Characteristics and Profile

Taurus is being likely reference to the personality of a Bull other than the distinguished saying of bull-headed. Taureans are dedicated, loyal, grounded. They are secure and equalized. They are intelligent without being excessively intellectual. They are not probable to smack out for the unknown, but will like better recognizable terrain. They are tolerant, dependable and loving.

In the place of work, Taureans are first-class craftspeople, excellent with their hands. You can rely on a Taurus; they put up a good managers and foremen. They are proficient in the fields of chemistry, architecture, banking, farming or medicine. These are fields in which you can be innovative, but surrounded by a framework of steady practices and science. Taureans are good personnel and not generous to goofing off. Because they’re not great to run the risk of, they can be trustworthy with the business funds and are totally reliable and honest.

In the zodiac Great Year, the Age of Taurus take place approximately 4300-2150 BCE which observed the rise of Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. This was the era of the Bronze Age in Greece, rise of Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. This was a age typify by the expansion of agriculture, and the construction of pyramids and megaliths. Bull religious groups were widespread in Assyria, Egypt, Crete.

Well-known Taureans have done extremely well in all walks of life. They include Socrates, George Lucas, George Carlin, Martha Graham and Margot Fonteyn, Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Seinfeld.

As a companion or lover, Taureans are devoted and home-loving, uncomplaining parents. Not specified to sexual trialing. Taureans are grounded in reasonableness. They’re even and like harmony. They feel affection for pets and the outdoors, and like biking, hikes and take pleasure in nature in general.

Each positive feature has a different side to it, and within the Taurean, this dependability and faithfulness is able to reveal itself as jealousy and stubbornness. Luckily, they are also very much intelligent and can quickly cause their way out of the intermittent shady disposition and hopelessness.

Element: Earth

Earth signs are naturally practical. In this lifetime we are bound to Earth. There is no escaping the reality around us. The Earth is about as real as it gets; it can be felt, weighed and it has substance. Accordingly, the earth signs base their life on what is real, not what is imagined. Sensation is valued over thoughts or feelings. Earth signs live with their feet on the ground. Others seek their advice because of their basic sensibility. For earth signs, seeing is believing.

The earth of Taurus is simple and sensible. It's about getting back to basics. This is about working the earth in a garden or about having the tools that we need in order to build.>

Second House: Possessions

The Second House symbolizes those things that are of value to us. Personal possessions are within this domain, as is our money. Anything having personal value is associated with the Second House. It also represents those things we value that are not things. When you think about what is most important to you -- your own values -- you are indeed thinking about your Second House.

Key Planet: Venus

Venus is the planet of love and desire. She is in charge of romance and beauty. But Venus isn't only about physical love; she's also symbolic of the ideal love. When we see a beautiful painting or other work or art, Venus is present. She is the beauty of a rose as much as she is the attraction we have to someone we love. As the key planet of Taurus, Venus is sensual and simple. We fulfill the senses with beauty and life is good.

Your Biggest Strength: Your sensible outlook on life.
Your Potential Weakness: Accepting less than you can achieve.

Friendship Compatibility

Being slow and steady has its virtues, and those born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn will share your practical sensibilities. When you need someone to help you think outside of your rut, a Gemini will give you the inspiration you need to get to brainstorming. Libras -- who have a knack for beauty -- tamp down your pleasure-loving tendencies, so they're an excellent influence over you when you need to put your nose to the grindstone. Pisces make extremely loyal friends. For you, friendship and affection are less give-and-take and more matters of you getting your way as often as possible, so you also need those around you who can stand up to you. Luckily, Scorpio is smart and strong enough to get your respect, and you will always feel comfortable around Leo's and Aquarius' determination to finish what they start.

Taurus Relationships

Taurus Women

Taurus women are the ultimate Earth mothers. Ruled by sensual Venus, you're in touch with your instinctive bodily charms. Like Bulls Kirsten Dunst and Cate Blanchett, your sexiness comes from a delightful combo of strength and vulnerability. You know what you want -- which men find attractive -- but you're not overly aggressive about going after it. Your sensuous touch and caring heart are second only to your most compelling quality -- your sultry voice. You know the power of a gentle word at the right moment.

There's a bit of the down-home gal in you. You're confident about your creative talents, from making a home-cooked meal to cultivating prize-winning roses. Your self-assurance is a turn-on to men, as is your occasional stubbornness. You're at home in your body and really get into the physical act of lovemaking. When you take his hand with that knowing smile and lead him to the bedroom, he can't resist. And, sharing a plate of oysters or a decadent hot fudge sundae really gets you in the mood!

Taurus Men

There's an earthy charm and confidence about the Bull that makes him sexy. Even if he's not classically handsome, his sweet ways get him just about anything or anyone he wants. Fun and flirtatious, when it comes to commitment he moves slowly, like his other animal, the Tortoise. As with Taurus Jack Nicholson, he's apt to stay single until someone really special comes along. But if he knows you're "the one," he'll take his time and wait 'til you come around.

Taurus is good with his hands and very sensual -- trading massages really turns him on. He's also tuned in to his body -- and yours! -- which makes him a sensitive lover. Unflappable and serene (unless pushed too far), he'll make you feel safe. He can get stuck in ruts, however. Often broad-chested and a bit fleshy, his warmth is comforting on chilly nights. Ruled by artistic Venus, he's both creative and practical. He'll build you a cabinet or plan your portfolio, and feel manly doing so. To thank him in a way he'll really appreciate, savor a deluxe hot fudge sundae together -- in bed.

Compatibility Between the Sheets

Opposites do attract, and in the case of Taurus and Scorpio, opposites not only attract, but they can't seem to get enough of each other! Sensual and earthy Taurus is magnetically drawn to the depth and passionate intensity of watery Scorpio. Scorpio's many layers keep Taurus hooked, always searching for this Scorpion's essential nature. The smoldering chemistry between these two creates a magnetic force that's obvious to even the most casual observer.

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