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Virgo Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Dec 2020

Your tone is much more upbeat when communicative Mercury, your ruler, shifts from introverted, contemplative Scorpio to reactive, outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. If you’ve been dying to ask someone a question, do it now! Conversations you have now are tinged with excitement. Having butterflies in your stomach is a sign that something amazing is going to happen!

Healer Chiron goes direct on the fifteenth, offering you the chance of inner growth. If you’ve been letting the past keep you from moving forward, this is your time to confront those painful issues that have been holding you back. Be brave, Virgo.

Expansive Jupiter partners with friendly, eccentric Aquarius on December 19, and both your ability to connect personally and network professionally should improve. How willing are you to step out of your comfort zone to make new contacts? Technology presents you with a world of information. Now, what will you do with it?

The sun leaves fiery Sagittarius for more responsible Capricorn on the twenty-first, so your goals will be your major focus for the next month. Even though the holidays are coming up soon, you’re more focused on work than partying or spending time with family. Hopefully, the long-term payoff will be worth whatever you have to sacrifice in the short term.

Virgo Love Horoscope This Month

Your love life shifts from quiet and private to much more outgoing and public when your ruler Mercury leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on December 1. Since you’re much more likely to share intimate details now, your social media followers are in for a surprise. You love to post pics now that show your romantic adventures!

Healing Chiron goes direct on the fifteenth, giving you the chance to get closure on something from the past that’s been preventing you from moving forward in a healthy way. Even if you think you’re over it, you’re probably not. We all have that one little issue—bad breakup, loss of a loved one—that needs attention, and the time to deal with it directly and honestly is now.

Destiny-driven Jupiter teams up with eccentric Aquarius on December 19, putting all kinds of interesting ideas into your head. Even if you don’t normally think about nontraditional relationship-related things, your curiosity is piqued now. Maybe something you never considered before is “meant to be”!

When the sun leaves exciting Sagittarius for reasonable Capricorn on the twenty-first, you’re ready to commit yourself to love. If you already have a partner, think about holding a recommitment ceremony. If you’re single, put all your effort into finding “the one.” When you put love first, you win every time.

Monthly Sex - Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you when Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1. Yes, that hottie that you matched with really is into you, and no, it’s not an elaborate joke! People find you sexy. Deal with it, or better yet, embrace it! You feel your sexiest when the total solar eclipse is in Sagittarius on the fourteenth. Put on your hottest outfit and make some holiday magic.

If you still don’t believe your attractiveness, ask for words of affirmation when Venus enters Sagittarius on December 15. You’ll find their honesty very desirable. Don’t be afraid to talk it out when Saturn enters Aquarius the next day. An exchange of words is your foreplay. By the time Jupiter enters Aquarius on the nineteenth, you’ll have no doubts about your sex appeal.

Get cozy with your lover when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 20. Snuggling together watching the snow fall can be just as erotic as heavy foreplay. The best day to get laid is when the sun enters Capricorn on the twenty-first. You have enough stamina to go all night long. The full moon in Cancer on December 29 promises a night of sensual lovemaking before 2021 begins.

Virgo Business Horoscope This Month

You are still riding the high of the Gemini lunar eclipse on November 30, Virgo, so this month starts with you feeling more work-minded than ever. While you might not be motivated to focus all month on work, you’re happy knowing that you could be in the running for a promotion, news you may have heard during the lunar eclipse.

The caveat is that you may not want to invest all your energies doing menial tasks at the office now that you know you’re in good standing with your boss. But this could backfire if it stirs resentment from colleagues during the great conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first.

The Cancer full moon on December 29 could bring a new job title that heightens your public standing and makes you the envy of others, but it won’t necessarily bring a pay increase. Don’t compromise the value of your hard work for the opportunity to have a fancy title. Keep that in mind before you agree to a situation that you may come to resent later. Make sure you’re happy with what you decide and in control of every detail to ensure your prosperity and fulfillment.