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Virgo Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jun 2019

The new moon in energetic Gemini on June 3 puts you in an amazingly curious mood. Now is the time to learn new things and meet new people. Anything that expands your mind gets a big yes!

Your power planet Mercury enters caring Cancer on the fourth, switching your inner dialog from facts to feelings. This isn’t a combination you’re always comfortable with, but it might be nice to get some things out in the open that have been buried for some time.

The sun enters Cancer’s sensitive sign on June 21, giving you a whole month to explore your deepest feelings. You aren’t used to making decisions based on your emotions, but being practical and logical won’t always work for the situations you encounter in the month ahead. Ask for advice when you need it.

By the time Mercury enters outgoing Leo on the twenty-sixth, you’ll be ready to express yourself loudly and clearly. The Lion’s influence gives you the confidence to do just that. Shout it to the world, Virgo. It’s about time you got a standing ovation.

Virgo Love Horoscope This Month

Warning: You might not be able to contain your curiosity during the Gemini new moon on June 3. Whether you want to know more about a secret your partner is keeping or just stalking a crush’s social media posts, you can’t wait to find out more.

Your home planet Mercury teams up with the shy Crab on the fourth, causing emotions to run high and making you moodier than usual. If you’re worried about making a bad impression, hold off on planning a first date until you’re feeling more confident.

The sun is also taking a journey through Cancer’s caring sign starting on June 21, causing your compassionate side to really show. If a partner is used to you being practical and logical, this will be a welcome change. Single Virgos are more understanding of a date’s or crush’s excuses, but don’t be naïve.

Expressing yourself becomes much easier when Mercury enters outgoing Leo on the twenty-sixth, and you’ll want a lot of attention whether you’re on stage or not. It isn’t a partner’s or date’s job to compliment you endlessly, Virgo. Use the Lion’s high-ego energy to turn yourself into someone who’s confident, not needy!

Monthly Sex - After an emotionally draining few months, the planets cut you a break by bringing you some sweetness. Mercury enters lovable Cancer on June 4, giving your love life some much-needed tenderness. Expect nights spent in with plenty of cuddling, massages, and hours of talking. It’s a very “movie and chill” kind of romance, but that’s just fine by you.

Things start getting a little rocky when Venus enters Gemini on the eighth, giving you added stress. A relationship you thought was steady now becomes uncertain, and your dating matches are surprising low. Things could get completely out of sync, causing you to be on edge. Don’t fret, Virgo, and don’t worry about things that are out of your control. It’s okay to let go. Better things are coming.

Better things start coming when the sun enters Cancer on June 21, giving your spirits a boost. Whether you’re looking for love, someone to flirt with, or a great lay, this is the time to get it. Keep an open mind. Someone who could totally rock your world might look like the last person you ever expected. Let go of expectations and play the field. Summer is for lovers, Virgo!

Virgo Business Horoscope This Month

It’s June and your career sign is in the spotlight once again. On June 3, the important Gemini new moon heralds honor and gains. It is to your advantage to conceptualize goals in the 30 days following the phase.

On the fourth, ruling Mercury transits your sign of business connections (where the planet retrogrades in July). Connect and keep in touch. On June 7, Mercury sextiles Uranus, planet of the diversity that creates more opportunities.

Gemini Venus glimmers brightly in your career sign on the eighth, and as ruler of your money sign, it’s a fortunate omen for financial rewards through the end of the month.

June 9 is a lucky day. Search if job hunting. Prepare resumes and responses. Tentatively schedule meetings on the sixteenth. Jupiter squares Neptune in a strong ten-day transit that deals with roles in private and public life.

Starting June 18, the Saturn-Neptune sextile offers opportunities unless you second-guess your own experience and intuition. The next day, are “should haves” holding you back? Think about it when ruling Mercury opposes Pluto, the planet of revelations and transformation. How fitting when out of dreams come many ideas that serve you well, beginning when Mercury enters Leo on the twenty-sixth. It’s a gift for the next month.