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Monthly Horoscope Taurus - This Month

Taurus Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Nov 2020

Talkative Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra when it squares ambitious Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn on November 6, bringing potential rigid thinking that could cloud your judgment. Put off making any major decisions, especially surrounding love and/or finances, until all the details are a little clearer.

Your lovely home planet Venus squares Jupiter, the planet of destiny on the sixteenth, which could make you question whether something (or someone) was truly meant to be. The more you second-guess yourself, Taurus, the more the magic fades. Logic has less of a place here than sheer belief. Positive thinking makes all the difference.

The sun partners with exciting fire sign Sagittarius for a month starting on November 21, at which point you might turn into an adrenaline junkie. For a typical Taurus who usually likes to play it safe, this will be a huge departure. Don’t blame loved ones who question your actions now. They only have your best interests at heart.

Love gets complicated when gentle ruler Venus is paired with intense Scorpio, also starting on the twenty-first. Venus isn’t always comfortable in Scorpio’s secretive world, which could cause you to cover up things you’re usually much more open about. A financial situation could worsen if you aren’t willing to share the details, which could lead to money or legal problems down the line.

Taurus Love Horoscope This Month

A difficult Mercury-Saturn square on November 6 has both Libra and Capricorn energy. When air and earth mix, you could have a serious conflict of interest. Communication is mostly serious now, but can you handle it when it isn’t?

Loving Venus, your ruler, squares unrestrained Jupiter on the sixteenth, expanding your love life but making you ask more questions than you’re able to get answered. Is the person you’re with truly your soul mate? If single, do you feel like you’re meeting the right kinds of people? It might be time to explore alternate paths.

The sun partners with daring Sagittarius on November 21, giving you the opportunity to take romantic risks that you might not have considered before. What will happen when you leave your comfortable bubble of security and explore a more exciting romantic landscape? There’s so much to look forward to!

Love-focused Venus isn’t very comfortable as she begins her journey through intense Scorpio, also on the twenty-first, but commitment will be the main thing on your mind. If you’re already with someone, your loyalty won’t come into question. However, if you’re just getting to know someone, talking about the future too soon could scare them off.

Monthly Sex - If you’re looking to work out your sexual frustration, your dry spell may end when Mercury goes direct in Libra, creating an atmosphere for romance on November 3. It’s a good time to slide into DMs, join dating apps, or give yourself pleasure. Trust your gut when Ceres enters Pisces on the ninth. It could lead to a sexy surprise.

However, while your sex life may be going smoothly, don’t believe everything your current fling tells you when Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10. They may have secrets they’re not bringing into the bedroom. Be careful.

The tension begins to ease when Mars goes direct in Aries on the thirteenth, increasing your sex drive and stamina. If you still have doubts about your lover, talk it out when the new moon is in Scorpio on November 14. It could be very eye-opening.

You’re on cloud nine when Venus enters Scorpio and the sun enters Sagittarius on the twenty-first. You’re feeling and looking good, Taurus! Go show it off with some seductive thirst traps. Treat yourself to a very sexy date night when the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on November 30. Even socially distanced affairs can be hot!

Taurus Business Horoscope This Month

This is a wonderful month for you to experience tremendous healing and business changes, Taurus. You will take on a new level of awareness as you shift the focus to your personal needs, including starting something more tangible for yourself. There is a great deal of autonomy being asked of you now. Whether you own a business or you’re working for yourself, let the shift of Mercury turning direct in the Venusian sign of Libra open your mind to something out of the norm on November 3.

A powerful alignment between Jupiter and Pluto in the demanding sign of Capricorn on the twelfth is going to shift something major in your life in general. This will allow you to utilize your gifts and talents through a mind-expanding opportunity. This could involve real estate markets and other housing-related contracts.

You might need to pay attention to the fine print and decide to sign on any written agreements prior to the new moon in your opposing sign of Scorpio on November 14. There is a settlement coming into play, and you are the center of attention on this journey.

Your home planet Venus enters your seventh house of Scorpio on the twenty-first, the same day the sun enters generous Sagittarius. There is plenty of luck with money and finances around this time, possibly surrounding a partnership.

The month closes with a full moon penumbral lunar eclipse in the trickster sign of Gemini on November 30. This enlivens your personal second house, allowing you to release an old habit around material possessions and make room for something new to take form!