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Monthly Horoscope Taurus - This Month

Taurus Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jan 2020

The emotional moon spends time in your patient sign starting on January 4, allowing you time to settle into a new routine for the year. Be gentle with and accepting of yourself, Taurus, as you learn to navigate the waters of the new year. No one else as it all figured out yet either!

The lunar eclipse and full moon in sensitive Cancer on the tenth bring about some intense and maybe unexpected emotions. Like most people, you strive to feel safe and secure, but being on an emotional roller coaster at times like this is inevitable. Figure out the best way to deal with things on your own, to your own satisfaction, without worrying too much about what other people think.

Your beautiful ruling planet Venus pairs up with gentle Pisces on January 13, bringing an overflow of creativity and compassion. You soften quite a bit around the edges now, and people who know you best will notice this change. You’ll struggle to find a way to help others without feeling you’re being taken advantage of, but it’s better to give everything than nothing.

A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth increases aggression and can cause rifts in your close relationships, especially romantic ones. Power struggles are inevitable as tension grows. Do your best to practice self-control. Walk away and take a break if necessary.

Taurus Love Horoscope This Month

You’re willing to take your time with love when the moon enters your patient sign on January 4. You’re anxious to get things started or take them to the next level, but you know that slow and steady wins the race. You pay extra attention to details now, which is impressive.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in nurturing Cancer on the tenth bring out some very intense emotions, and if you’re in a relationship, you’ll go to great lengths to make sure it’s safe and secure. Watch out for third parties who want to get between you. If single, jealousy can be an issue now. Your romantic competition is strong, which can lead to self-doubt and a lack of confidence.

Your loving power planet Venus enters creative, romantic Pisces on January 13, so current or prospective love interests see your softer side. You enjoy setting the mood, which might include but isn’t limited to soft music, candles, gourmet food, and a massage for two. If this doesn’t impress them, Taurus, few things will!

Dealing with an aggressive Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth isn’t fun, but love isn’t all play and no work. You’ve probably learned that by now. It’s tempting to get into an argument over who’s right and who’s wrong, but what will that really accomplish? You don’t always have to have the last word.

Monthly Sex - A new year means new opportunities to fall in love, or at least fall into a sexy stranger’s bed. Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3, heating up your love life. You’ve developed an emotional connection with your latest flame, making sex even more intimate. Let them know how you feel when Jupiter opposes the north node on the eighth. Things are going to get intense in the best possible way.

The best day to get laid this month is when the full moon in Cancer on January 10 is making you extra romantic. Plan a date with scented candles, a warm bubble bath, and a sensual massage that lasts for hours. Things continue to get sexy when Venus enters Pisces on the thirteenth, putting you on cloud nine. You just can’t get enough of each other.

However, your dreamy love affair comes back down to earth when Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16. Have you been idealizing your lover? Are they more of a fantasy than reality? Ask your friends for their love advice when the sun enters Aquarius on the twentieth, and follow their advice when the new moon is in Aquarius four days later. It will guide you in the right direction.

Taurus Business Horoscope This Month

Happy New Year! You’re on top of your game as the year begins with your ruler Venus in your tenth house of career, profession, and public image. With Uranus currently transiting your sign, you’re being called to be a pioneer and a revolutionary, to innovate and carve out a new path forward.

But you’re also between eclipses, with the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse on January 10 breaking open your horizons and asking you to open your mind. Expect to be dealing with themes surrounding publishing, higher education, legal matters, and global expansion. Doors that were previously shut are opening, but it will still call for a leap of faith to walk through them. This is a chance to break past old barriers and limitations that have kept you from manifesting your highest potential.

With Mars in Sagittarius this month, your partnerships and financial situations are evolving, too. You might sign a life-changing contract, and it will take clear communication and negotiation. Keep sight of a shared long-term vision and you can forge partnerships that mutually pay off and go the distance as you work toward building a better world for all.