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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - This Month

Sagittarius Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Feb 2021

The sun is in technologically gifted Aquarius to start the month, which can help you in a lot of different areas, Sag. Download trendy apps, play just-released video games, try a startup streaming service, or upgrade your home computer. The more willing you are to embrace innovation, the more you are rewarded.

You find yourself in the middle of a lucky streak during the conjunction between Venus and your ruler Jupiter on February 11, which can open all kinds of new doors. Try not to question why something is happening and just be thankful that it is. Think you don’t deserve all of this incredible luck? Think again.

When the sun enters caring Pisces on the eighteenth, you get a whole month to pay someone back or just pay a good deed forward. This is a very selfless energy, and doing things for other people makes you feel incredibly good. Treating others with compassion and understanding is your main goal now.

The Virgo full moon on February 27 gives you a chance to get things under control in a very literal sense. Clean your house. Organize your office space. Get a better handle on your eating habits and start exercising. A more successful future depends on the changes you make during this lunation.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This Month

The sun is matched with intelligent Aquarius early this month, making you search for fellow knowledge seekers for partnership and adventure. A deep philosophical discussion can lead to a lot more now, and you’re quite taken by anyone who can keep up an intelligent conversation with you about current events or politics.

The conjunction between romantic Venus and your home planet lucky Jupiter on February 11 puts you in a great position to find true love, especially when you aren’t looking for it. Magical things just seem to happen to you, and your friends are in awe of your amazing luck. If you’re already in a great relationship, it will be especially rewarding now.

The powerful sun leaves offbeat Aquarius and moves into watery Pisces on the eighteenth, highlighting your selfless, charitable side. You’ll have a knack for knowing why your partner is hurting now, or why your crush needs you to be understanding as you get to know them better. Your willingness to lend a sympathetic ear is one of your greatest traits now.

A full moon in health-conscious Virgo on February 27 gives your love life a healthy boost. If you’re single, meet potential new dates while walking at lunch or shopping for organic produce. If you’re taken, commit to getting in better shape together. Do a juice cleanse or plan to run every night after dinner.

Monthly Sex - The key to dating success this month will be how quickly you can learn someone’s love language. Venus enters quirky Aquarius on February 1, bringing you a love interest who has a completely different love language than you. If you want to win them over, try expressing your feelings in a unique way when the new moon is in Aquarius on the eleventh. Put yourself out there, Sagittarius, and they’ll be impressed by the gesture.

However, don’t burn yourself out catering to your lover when the sun enters Pisces on February 18. Romance is a two-way street. Fortunately, dating gets easier when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth. If you’ve been having trouble understanding your lover, you’ll start clicking. The best date night is when Ceres enters Aries on February 21, creating a night for pleasure and fun. Time to swoon!

As the month ends, you may feel dissatisfied with your love life, making you dream of something better when Venus enters Pisces on the twenty-fifth. But the grass isn’t always green on the other side. Use the full moon in Virgo on February 27 to let go of the idea of a “perfect” relationship and love the one you’re with.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope This Month

This is a wonderful month for you to experience tremendous healing and business changes, if you’re open to it. Your outlook could take on a new level of awareness, and your focus could shift toward your personal needs, including starting something more tangible for yourself. There is a great deal of autonomy being asked of you now. Whether or not you own a business or are generally working for yourself, allow Mercury’s retrograde (that ends on February 20) to open your mind to something outside the norm.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can inspire yourself to make professional moves when the sun enters Pisces on the eighteenth. This puts you on a high that lasts into the final weeks of the month, especially when Venus moves into Pisces on February 25. You’ll be able to elevate your personal brand and take part in exciting new projects.

The only caveat is that you might feel unsure of what professional road to take when Jupiter activates the nodes of destiny the next day, heightening your insecurities and creating uncertainty in your professional world. Be careful not to make any impetuous moves at that time. You might second-guess yourself during the Virgo full moon on the twenty-seventh, which could bring a few long-term professional projects to a sudden end.