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Sagittarius Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jun 2019

You love to talk about and make plans during the new moon in airy Gemini on June 3. You might start an elaborate to-do list now but never cross a single thing off it - that’s what kind of mood you’re in. Working on an unfinished novel? Dust it off and write a few more pages!

A lucky sun-Jupiter retrograde opposition on the tenth lifts your spirits, and you can’t help but smile as everything starts to fall into place around you. Enjoy it while it lasts, Sag, but don’t get too used to it since getting too comfortable can cause consequences that quickly ruin the party.

You love anything having to do with the arts during the Mars-Neptune trine on June 14, and your creativity enhances your artistic or musical skills. Have you always wanted to paint portraits or join a band? Your chances of success in pursuits like these are high right now.

The full moon in your sign on the seventeenth reminds you that life is one big adventure and should be lived to the fullest. It’s okay to put your responsibilities aside while you chase your dreams for a little while. Foreign places call to you now. If traveling isn’t an option, learn all you can about a culture you love.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This Month

You love to make big romantic plans during the new Gemini moon on June 3, but will you follow through with them? Not always. You’ve got a lot of thoughts swirling through your head thanks to the restless energy of the Twins, but finishing what you start isn’t your greatest strength now.

Destiny is calling during the lucky sun-Jupiter retrograde opposition on the tenth, reminding you that some things are meant to be. Have you experienced love at first sight? Do you feel a magnetic attraction to the stranger you sometimes see in the elevator at work? Did you share an incredible story of coincidence with your partner? Fate is real.

You’re a creative soul during the Mars-Neptune trine on June 14, and this is what drives you midmonth. Paint a portrait of your lover, or write and illustrate a comic book starring you and your work crush. Find your favorite medium and express your love imaginatively and artistically!

There’s a full moon in your travel-loving sign on the seventeenth, so you could find love (or rekindle it) on a work trip or personal vacation. There’s something about being in a different place that lets you experience love in its purest form. You’ll have to get back to reality eventually, but for now, just enjoy the possibilities of your new surroundings.

Monthly Sex - Mercury enters Cancer on June 4, shaking up your world a little bit. A big romantic idea you’ve been waiting for doesn’t go quite as planned. Don’t get too downhearted about this. Everything happens for a reason. If a romantic relationship just ended, a new one is just around the corner. New opportunities can arise for you during this time, increasing the chances of you getting lucky, so take them! Allow the universe to guide your way.

The tensions of the first half of the month will melt away by the time of the full moon in your sign on the seventeenth. It’s a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy the magic that summer has to offer. Who knows? You might even meet someone spectacular who will make your whole summer special.

The dark clouds that have been hanging over your head give way to sunny skies when the sun enters Cancer and summer truly begins on June 21. Your mood will brighten and you’ll start to enjoy life more. This is the best time to say yes to that date, wear that sexy dress, and be fabulous. You’re cool for the summer, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope This Month

You enjoy a lucky bounce this month. On June 3, the Gemini new moon in your sign of partnership offers tremendous potential for new growth attuned with others in the 30 days following the phase. On Tuesday, Cancer Mercury enhances financial gain with said others.

The sun opposes ruling Jupiter on the tenth. Uh-oh! We don’t agree! Someone could promise more than they deliver. Saturn is a saving grace as far as following agreements and adhering to responsibilities.

On June 14, it’s time to renegotiate duties when Mars aspects Jupiter. Things changed and you need to put things in their proper places.

Saturday and Sunday, the fifteenth and sixteenth, are lucky days to schedule meetings. You’ll be under the influence of the square between Jupiter and Neptune, an awareness-broadening connection.

A full Sagittarius moon on June 17 ensures your special realization about what is needed and gives you the instinct to fulfill it. The next day, Saturn comes to the rescue, gets things back on track, and helps you take the lead.

On the twenty-sixth, if you need to be more convincing, Leo Mercury is also here to help into next month. You have a second chance at your lucky bounce with the latter’s retrograde.