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Libra Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Feb 2021

Your home planet Venus moves out of ambitious Capricorn and into offbeat Aquarius on February 1, giving the start of your month an interesting vibe. As a fellow air sign, you definitely are feeling the urge to make connections with others, but you might choose to do it in an odd way now. If there’s something that hasn’t been done before, you’re first in line to try it.

Be prepared to receive amazing compliments, charming love letters, and other surprising forms of admiration during the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the eleventh! Your popularity surges now, but you can’t figure out why. Don’t ask questions, Libra. Just enjoy the attention.

A new moon in freedom-seeking Aquarius, also on February 11, has you paving new paths and blazing new trails. You’re a true pioneer now, and you want to boldly go where no one else has gone before. If you’re an inventor, this is your time to shine. If you have a notebook full of random ideas, share them now.

Loving Venus enters sympathetic Pisces on the twenty-fifth, encouraging you to help someone who really needs it. There are so many worthy causes, and while you can’t get involved in all of them, helping just one person makes a big difference. Someone close to you needs your understanding.

Libra Love Horoscope This Month

Beautiful Venus, your ruler, is less constrained as she leaves rule-following Capricorn and enters rebellious kindred air sign Aquarius on February 1. What kind of trouble can you stir up now? Any kind you want, Libra! You’re such a flirt, and this friendly energy helps you enjoy this enviable skill whether you’re talking to a stranger or flattering your partner of two decades!

You attract lots of new admirers during the magnetic Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the eleventh, which can bring you one step closer to your soul mate if you’re still looking. If you’re already in a committed relationship, you and your partner should be able to enjoy upgrades and bonuses when you’re out and about together.

There’s a new moon that appears in freedom-loving Aquarius, also on February 11, encouraging you to indulge in some pretty out-there ideas. Even if you’re normally the quiet or conservative type, you’re willing to be experimental with cutting-edge technology and avant-garde methods in the name of love.

Ruler Venus pairs up with dreamy Pisces for a while starting on the twenty-fifth, so your imagination will be working overtime. Your subconscious is the key to figuring out your romantic issues, so pay attention to the clues your dreams send you. Because indecision haunts you now, this isn’t a good time to give your final word on any love-related issues.

Monthly Sex - Get wild, Libra! It’s the shortest month of the year, but your dating life is going to be jammed with excitement as Venus enters Aquarius on February 1. Let out your inner rebel as you let your freak flag fly. Flirt with everyone! Take thirst traps! Just have fun!

The best day to have a date is when there’s a new moon in Aquarius on the eleventh. Break a few dating rules and you’ll have a pleasurable time.

However, there’s trouble in paradise when the sun enters Pisces on February 18. You and your current flame could have a difference of opinion about what this relationship is. Be careful, Libra. Your fling might backfire.

Try to smooth things over when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth. If you can express your feelings, you might be able to salvage things. If you do, the next day will be extra romantic as Ceres enters Aries. Get ready for more loving.

Work and dating just don’t mix when Venus enters Pisces on February 25. Are you daydreaming about your crush at work? Focus! End the month with a dating detox when the full moon is in Virgo on the twenty-seventh. You need a break.

Libra Business Horoscope This Month

All of the Aquarius energy in the beginning of February will inspire you to take great creative leaps. The key is to use these talents in your professional aspirations.

Doing this will help you expand your horizons when Saturn and Uranus square off in the heavens on February 17. You’ll be cosmically pushed to make strides to use your talents to expand your wallet. Opening an online portal to sell your art could prove to be beneficial because you could make some extra money, perhaps so much so that you’ll want to keep this going as a side hustle or even your main gig.

The caution is to not be too boastful. Your colleagues at your day job might be jealous of your success when Venus enters Pisces on the twenty-fifth. Ignore their comments when taking about your art in video chats. To be honest, you don’t need their approval. The only approval you need is your own. You’ve got it all, and soon the whole world will know of your artistic talents.

The full moon on February 27 opens your eyes to all the talk going on behind your back at work. But it also serves to clear up any drama or any misinformation that is being spread about you at the office.