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Libra Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jan 2020

The full moon and lunar eclipse in sensitive Cancer on January 10 make you want to create the most safe and secure world possible, especially for your loves ones. This is the perfect time to plan a get-together where you provide a home-cooked meal and connect with loved ones.

The sun-Pluto conjunction in ambitious Capricorn on the thirteenth helps you increase your personal power and manifest the things that are most important to you. It’s possible to be slightly paranoid under the transit as you get closer to the things you desire, but there’s no need to be, Libra. The universe provides plenty of enlightenment to go around.

A tense Mercury-Uranus square on January 18 could take you by surprise by changing up your routine, especially regarding how you stay in touch with people. It’s frustrating when your texts and calls don’t seem to be getting through, and it can negatively affect all areas of your life when technology is lagging or not working correctly. Follow up with people in person if possible.

You have passion in mind during the potent Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth, but you also have a hard time asking for what you want (and deserve). If making the first move feels awkward, wait until the time is right to take the initiative. You’ll know when that is.

Libra Love Horoscope This Month

There’s a dramatic full moon in artistic Cancer on January 10 that brightens your love life with the promise of possibilities. A lunar eclipse occurs at the same time, balanced out by the practical Capricorn sun. A bit of equilibrium is nice in this time of extreme emotions, as it will keep you from going too far off the deep end.

A sun-Pluto conjunction in responsible Capricorn on the thirteenth reminds you of what’s truly important in your love life. If you’re not already with someone, you might consider getting back together with an ex. Is going backward a good idea, or would you be better off focusing on the future? That’s definitely something to think about, Libra.

An uneasy Mercury-Uranus square on January 18 makes communicating difficult, and you might find yourself trying to cancel plans and make alternative ones so often that it gets to be confusing. It’s hard to plan a first date or important anniversary celebration under these circumstances, so keep that in mind when you’re strategizing.

The Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth is a steamy one, but there are unnecessary and unexpected snags in your romantic plans. Does everything have to be perfect for you to be in the mood for love? No, but it helps.

Monthly Sex - We’ve all been there, Libra. Overindulgence during the holidays can lead to a raging hangover come the new year. Practice some self-care while nursing your physical and emotional hangover on January 3. Mars enters Sagittarius that day, encouraging you to do things that bring you pleasure. Maybe take a solo trip? Plan a sexy date when the full moon is in Cancer on the tenth. Even if things don’t go as planned, it could be a magical night.

Take a break from romance and give yourself a self-care day when Venus enters Pisces on January 13. A bubble bath can be just as romantic by yourself with your magic fingers. By the sixteenth, Mercury will be in social Aquarius and you’ll feel like your flirty self again. Get back out there!

However, your social batteries could be drained by the time the sun enters Aquarius on January 20. It’s too cold to go out anyway. Be honest with what you want when the new moon is in Aquarius on the twenty-fourth. Are you flirting with that person because you like them or because you’re bored? Luckily, by January 31, Ceres enters Aquarius and you’ll ready for love—just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Libra Business Horoscope This Month

Happy New Year! As you enter January, your ruling planet Venus is in Aquarius, your creative sector, drawing you to take risks, be creative, experiment, and innovate. You’re between eclipses (with a stellium of planets in Capricorn, including the recent Capricorn new moon and solar eclipse), restructuring the foundation of your life, business, and professional situation.

On January 10, the Cancer full moon and eclipse mark the end of an 18-month phase of transformation in a professional situation, moving your career to a whole new level. But first, this is also the end of a chapter and cycle, asking you to release ambitions and a job you’ve outgrown as you step into the fullness of your potential. Also, dig deeper into your childhood to release self-limiting beliefs as you move forward. This is not just about your success or public image. It’s also about authenticity.

Mars in Sagittarius highlights negotiations with partners and associates. Be open-minded and seek solutions. Allow yourself to question childhood beliefs of what success means, and enter a deeper questioning of what it means to you. Then you can make choices and build your success on a solid foundation that is aligned with an inner truth.