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Leo Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jan 2020

When talkative Mercury conjoins unrestrained Jupiter on January 2, the possibilities are endless. You can’t help but feel optimistic when you think about all the potential new connections you’ll be able to make. If you’re like most Leos, you already have an outgoing personality, and this transit only increases your willingness to be social.

The emotional moon moves into your demonstrative sign on the eleventh, creating drama and intrigue. You love being the center of attention, and during this transit you might overreact or exaggerate to get more of it. People are drawn to your magnetic personality and fascinated by your talents now, and you welcome the applause!

A powerful sun-Pluto conjunction in ambitious Capricorn on January 13 highlights the many outstanding things on your to-do list and reminds you that you have plenty of responsibilities to take care of before you have fun. Good thing you have the motivated Goat’s energy to help you push through.

A new moon in quirky Aquarius helps put some fun back in your life on the twenty-fourth, and the more open-minded you are the better. You have a lot of great ideas, so try to find someone who can help you turn them into reality. You’re much better in a leadership or supervisory role than a hands-on one right now.

Leo Love Horoscope This Month

On January 2, what can the expansive Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in determined Capricorn do for your love life? Plenty, Leo. You’re feeling good about your past choices and future options, and you aren’t afraid to express how lucky you feel. When you put your wishes out into the universe, the universe has a way of fulfilling them.

The moon moves into your outgoing sign on the eleventh, so you won’t have a problem meeting new people or expressing your feelings to your partner. You like a lot of the attention to be on you now, however, which might cause problems if you’re with someone who has a strong ego. Try not to battle for the spotlight!

An ambitious sun-Pluto conjunction in strong earth sign Capricorn on January 13 reminds you that even if things are going well, you have a long way to go. Keep putting in the work, Leo, because it will pay off eventually.

The new moon in perceptive Aquarius on the twenty-fourth helps you realize something you didn’t even think about before, which could change your whole perspective. Now that you can see things from this vantage point, are you ready to make some changes? Even if your love life is in a good place, it can benefit from some spontaneity now.

Monthly Sex - New year, new insecurities? You usually walk around like you’re a sex god, but lately the thought of flirting gets you flustered. You need your confidence back! Luckily, Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3 to boost your self-esteem. Instead of putting on a brave face for your lover, use Jupiter’s opposition the north node on the eighth to be vulnerable with them. You’ll be surprised by how supportive they can be.

You get your sexy back when the full moon is in Cancer on January 10. You’re ready to show off what you’ve got and let your freak flag fly. But don’t let these good vibes go to your head. Venus entering Pisces on the thirteenth will keep your ego in check. Focus on your partner’s needs and give them some special attention. You’ll be rewarded when Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16, giving you a wild night of romance.

If your sex drive still hasn’t returned by the twenty-fourth, it might be time to get a little help from your friends. The new moon is in Aquarius that day, making you open to new ideas. Try out those new ideas when Ceres enters Aquarius on January 31. Experimenting can be kinky.

Leo Business Horoscope This Month

Happy New Year! As you enter the year, you’re in a new cycle, between eclipses (with a stellium of planets in your sixth house of work, daily routines, and life) and rearranging the structure of your life, work, and daily routines. You may be starting a new job, new project, or perhaps new routine, and this calls for a careful transition as you implement new structures that support the life you’re building and the work you’re doing.

Over the past 18 months, you’ve been working relentlessly hard. Now you’re at the end of a phase of transformation, transitioning into a new phase as the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse align on January 10. You may not have all the answers, but work by a process of elimination. Let go of what doesn’t work and you’ll be left with what does. You’re stepping over the threshold, building a life that gives back to the world and works for you as much as you work for it.

With Mars in Sagittarius, be fueled by your passion and creativity, and be willing to explore new ways of looking at old problems. Seek solutions and you’ll find them. Brainstorming sessions could be extremely productive, but put ego aside to focus on the greater task at hand rather than get caught up in office politics.

Venus, the ruler of your professional sector, is in Aquarius and highlighting your professional partnerships. It could be easier for you to align with others who can offer you the logistical, financial, tangible, or intellectual support you need. Part of being a good leader is being humble enough to listen and rolling up your sleeves when necessary to get the job done. Lead by example and you can inspire the support you need.