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Gemini Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Jan 2020

There’s so much to learn when the moon passes through your sign, starting on January 6. You’re curious about everything and view every experience as a chance to grow. Things to put on your to-do list now? Doing research, having more conversations with intellectuals, and visiting interesting places.

The sun-Mercury conjunction in intelligent Capricorn on the tenth reminds you to use rationality and reasoning to the best of your ability. As a Twin, you can sometimes go off on tangents, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have excellent mental capabilities. Showing off your mature, responsible side during a meeting or important conversation reminds everyone of your impressive communication skills.

Communicative Mercury enters diverse Aquarius on January 16, providing interesting opportunities to explore your intellectual side. Your thinking and ability to communicate effectively are amplified, making this an excellent time to interact with others and improve your social standing. You won’t connect with everyone, but you can do some great networking.

Loving Venus forms a square to powerful Mars on the twenty-sixth, increasing your frustration with a romantic situation. If the tension between you and a current or hopeful partner has been building, you can expect it to explode at some point during this transit. Don’t let yourself lose control.

Gemini Love Horoscope This Month

You want to find out all there is to know about the person you’re interested in or in love with as the moon moves through your curious sign on January 6. Use technology to your advantage as you search for info. Just don’t believe everything you read on social media, Gemini. It’s best to get most personal information straight from the source!

An ambitious sun-Mercury conjunction in determined Capricorn on the tenth shows you that you can accomplish a lot once you put your mind to it. Have you reached your love goals or do you still have a ways to go? Writing down your ideas puts you one step closer to acting on them.

Your outlook on love might diversify as your perceptive home planet Mercury joins eccentric Aquarius on January 16. Maybe there isn’t a need to put a label on a current relationship or define what you’re looking for. Letting things progress organically and without judgment works in your favor.

Sultry Venus is squared up against powerful Mars on the twenty-sixth, which could create some tense sexual situations. You walk a thin line when it comes to passion, power, and control, and it’s easy to cross over to the wrong side. Don’t apply any pressure now. The results won’t be what you hope for.

Monthly Sex - You love playing the field, Gemini, but start 2020 by focusing on just one person to spend your time with. When Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3, you’ll be completely smitten by someone special. Focus on them and you won’t be lonely this winter. When the full moon is in Cancer on the tenth, you’ll be getting some individual attention of your own, making you moan all night.

While you might be happy with your latest fling, your friends aren’t when Venus enters Pisces on January 13. They aren’t used to seeing you settled down. Keep following your bliss. When drama tries to enter your relationship when Mercury enters Aquarius on the sixteenth, just brush it off and work it out in the bedroom.

A misunderstanding could lead to satisfying results when the sun enters Aquarius on January 20—if you don’t lose your cool. The best day to get laid is when the new moon is in unique Aquarius on the twenty-fourth. Stay in with your lover and discover each other in every possible way. Don’t let jealousy get the best of you when Ceres enters Aquarius on January 31. Being domineering is only cute in the bedroom.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Month

Happy New Year! As you enter 2020, your ruling planet Mercury is in Capricorn, along with a stellium of planets. This is the area of your chart that deals with shared resources, finances, and power dynamics. A financial or business situation is evolving from the core and rearranging the structure of your life.

As powerless and on edge as you’ve felt, the Cancer full moon and eclipse on January 10 mark the end of an 18-month phase of transformation, opening the gates to greater financial security. You’re dismantling and breaking down ancient power dynamics to reclaim your power.

Financially, there is a fresh flow of abundance opening up, but this will call for cutting your losses and leaving behind the connections that no longer serve your greatest purpose or goals, or that take more than you can give. You choose where to invest your energy, time, and money, and the eighth house teaches lessons of detachment from material gain to effectively magnetize resources. Dig deep for your values and integrity, and you can align with others who share them to form mutually lucrative connections. Together, you can build a business and/or bring about real constructive change in this world.