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Gemini Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Dec 2020

Communicative Mercury, your home planet, enters the Archer’s fiery realm on December 1, so the first three weeks of the month should be exciting regarding the way you interact with people. You have an optimistic outlook based on the spontaneous conversations you have with strangers, making you look forward to a brighter future. Optimism looks good on you!

There’s a subtle Venus-Neptune trine soon afterward on the fifth that puts you in somewhat of a dreamworld, especially when it comes to your finances. Are you sure you can afford that flashy new car or expensive piece of art? Your vision is clouded now, which isn’t good news for your bank account.

The healer Chiron goes direct on December 15, at which point you should be ready to do some serious soul searching. What’s been bothering you the most lately, Gemini? Don’t be afraid to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter. Better days are ahead when you agree to confront (and conquer) the darker moments from your past.

The sun moves from adventurous Sagittarius into responsible Capricorn on the twenty-first, signaling that it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get some real work done. You aren’t afraid to get in there and dirty your hands now because you realize that the harder you work, the more you will be rewarded.

Gemini Love Horoscope This Month

Your home planet Mercury rules your thought processes, so when it moves into daring Sagittarius on December 1 you have three weeks to think up some pretty daring scenarios! And you don’t want to just dream about these things—you want to actually do them! This is an active combination, so don’t be afraid to talk about your wildest fantasies and see which one you can carry out.

The fifth brings a low-key Venus-Neptune trine that has you in love with love. This isn’t a steamy, sexy aspect but rather a dreamy, romantic one. Taking a tender approach to romance is really the best way now. Showing your caring side is a turn-on.

Healing Chiron goes direct on December 15, opening up old wounds and bringing your focus to the pain that someone from your past caused you. While you’d rather not focus on the negativity of these memories, revisiting old feelings is the only way to truly heal. The best gift you can give your future love life is closure from a past traumatic incident that has been keeping you from truly moving on.

The sun leaves Sagittarius for reasonable Capricorn on the twenty-first, putting your long-term romantic goals in the spotlight. Do you want to make relationship improvements? Or be in a relationship? The time to plan for future happiness is now.

Monthly Sex - Balance is the key to pleasure when Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 1. You have a ton of stuff to do before the holidays arrive, but maybe you can make the time to send a sext. It is the season of giving, after all. However, if you get too overwhelmed during the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the fourteenth, take a step back from romance and focus on your own pleasure.

You’re back in the game when Venus enters Sagittarius on December 15, and you find creative ways to woo your lover even if you’re miles apart. This will help you when Saturn reenters Aquarius the next day, making it a great day to get naughty. Keep it simple when Jupiter enters Aquarius on the nineteenth. Making things too complicated will create more headaches and fewer orgasms.

On December 20, communication gets tricky and a misunderstanding creates some friction when Mercury enters Capricorn. Grab some mistletoe and make nice, Gemini. Be realistic when the sun enters Capricorn the next day. Your sexy plans may be good in theory, but are they possible? Lower your expectation and you might have a hot night when the full moon is in Cancer on the twenty-ninth.

Gemini Business Horoscope This Month

The moon is in your sign for the lunar eclipse on November 30, starting things off with great energy and adaptability in the first part of December. Social situations could be few and far between, but pretty much everyone is going to have the impulse to be extra chatty around this time.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Sagittarius on the first, which eases the chaos around communication and brings fewer delays around making deals and setting up new contracts with clients. We will experience more clarity, heightened intuition, and sharper perceptions as the days march forth, but we can still expect complications with hubris and ego. Just make sure you don’t get up on your soapbox.

The new moon in Sagittarius on December 14 will have you paying more attention to relationships and your connections with others, which unexpectedly brings with it more focus than you’ve had in a while.

The solar eclipse that day will only amplify any desires you’ve been harboring for your crush or significant other. Use the current energy to work up the courage to ask for what you want, no matter how intensely you feel about it!