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Capricorn Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Feb 2021

Money-focused Venus conjoins your ambitious ruler Saturn on February 6, putting you in a perfect position to seriously kick some butt. You naturally tend to look toward long-term investments more than get-rich-quick schemes, but right now you should jump on any ideas that have promise. You should see your wealth increase at a rate that equals your effort.

An Aquarius new moon on the eleventh puts some out-there ideas into your head, which is unusual for a down-to-earth sign like you. Can you shed your practicality long enough to do something zany and unexpected? You might not get a chance like this again anytime soon.

A Saturn-Uranus square on February 17 is an aspect that only happens once every 14 years, and that’s okay with you because this can be a tense time filled with unexpected change. It’s probably obvious to you now which parts of your life are working and which aren’t, but you might feel powerless to do anything about it. Talk about frustrating!

A Virgo full moon arrives on the twenty-seventh in time to help you put some order back into your life. Even small things like organizing a junk drawer or deleting some of your unused apps can give you that feeling of accomplishment that’s been missing.

Capricorn Love Horoscope This Month

The focused conjunction of loving Venus and serious Saturn, your ruler, on February 6 helps put you in a good romantic position. You should either currently be reaping the rewards of recent efforts or you’re willing to put in the work to make things happen in the near future. Either way, you’re setting yourself up for some good love karma.

There’s a new moon in future-minded Aquarius on the eleventh, but be sure not to get too far ahead of yourself. If you’re currently in a relationship, don’t trade in what you have now for something that might happen in the future. If single, take advantage of this freedom-loving lunation to enjoy your uncomplicated status.

February 17 brings a Saturn-Uranus square that only comes around about once every 14 years, and once it’s over you’ll be glad it is! This is a stressful aspect that can really leave you reeling if you aren’t careful. It’s hard to plan for the upheaval this energy might bring to your love life, so just try to be ready for anything.

The moon is full in Virgo on the twenty-seventh, giving you time to get your affairs in order. Approaching matters of the heart from a logical perspective now helps you make difficult decisions that you probably wouldn’t be able to make if you were only relying on your emotions.

Monthly Sex - As Venus leaves your sign for Aquarius on February 1, this might be a good time to shift your focus from dating to you. Take this as an opportunity to “date” yourself: buy yourself flowers, make your favorite meal, and learn what makes you special. When the new moon is in Aquarius on the eleventh, write a little note about why you love yourself. Tape it to your mirror as a reminder.

Test the dating waters when the Sun enters Pisces on February 18. Download some dating apps but focus more on communication. Baby steps, Capricorn. Continue to speak kindly to yourself when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth. Remember that your most important relationship is with yourself. Stay home and pamper yourself when Ceres enters Aries the next day. Do something that makes you feel confident.

Your world starts to get a little romantic when Venus enters Pisces on February 25. While it’s okay to let your imagination run wild, keep your head clear so you don’t get seduced by dreamy but unreliable dates. The best date night is when the full moon is in Virgo on the twenty-seventh, creating a night of adventure as you discover someone new. Have fun!

Capricorn Business Horoscope This Month

With all of the transits directly affecting your finances this month, there is no more hiding. It’s all about getting to the gist of the lesson and knowing that you have to make some major changes regarding investments. Your financial and business prosperity depends on your ability to step into the world and let your voice be heard. You have very strong opinions, and you can’t hide what you’re thinking under these skies.

The spotlight is directly aligned with you right now, especially as the new moon in Aquarius on February 11 galvanizes the confidence and financial sector of your chart. Don’t make rash decisions regarding your finances when Saturn and Uranus square off on the seventeenth. You could come to regret these impulsive investments later.

You could win at the stock market and then be down a few weeks later, a sentiment felt especially hard during the full moon in Virgo on February 27. You are the caterpillar turning into the butterfly right now, so it’s time to spread your wings and take flight.

Strong alignments with the Pisces sun on eighteenth and Venus seven days later could push you into leadership roles throughout these transits. It’s up to you to decide where to direct your energy. Either way, there is no turning back from these tests of time.