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Capricorn Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Nov 2020

Talkative Mercury is in gentle Libra as it squares serious Saturn in your sensible sign on November 6. You’re all business when it comes to stating your opinions and beliefs, and you have little patience for anyone who wants to challenge you. There will be times this month when you’re open to what others have to say, but this isn’t one of those times.

Adventurous Jupiter is also in your businesslike sign when it conjoins Pluto, also in your sign, on the twelfth. All this earthy energy produces a great environment for you to make some big moves. Think big picture, Capricorn. You have the ambition and determination to set some goals that will make a huge difference in the world when you reach them.

Loving Venus enters sexy Scorpio on November 21, at the same time the sun pairs up with fiery Sagittarius. There is a lot of electricity in the air now, and you should be feeling yourself. Make a move that takes others by surprise. You don’t like to show off very often, but your moves are too good not to show them off now!

When dreamy Neptune goes direct while in gentle Pisces, the sign it rules, on the twenty-eighth, some realities will be exposed that you can’t ignore. You know that safe little dream world you’ve been floating along in? It’s about to be shattered, Capricorn. Luckily, you can handle the truth.

Capricorn Love Horoscope This Month

The tense square between chatty Mercury in poised Libra and your ruler Saturn in your earthy sign on November 6 is a pretty serious energy. While love might not be all fun and games now, you can certainly make some important decisions if necessary. There’s no need to broadcast your romantic problems to the world, though, especially on social media.

Expansive Jupiter is in your sign as it conjoins deep-thinking Pluto on the twelfth, giving you a lot to think about. If your love life is where you’d like it to be, that’s awesome. Congratulations! But if you have improvements to make, put on your thinking cap and start coming up with solutions that lead to better days.

Loving Venus meets with powerful water sign Scorpio on November 21, which isn’t her favorite place to be. You can feel the chemistry between you and a current partner or someone new, but acting on it isn’t so easy. With this charged energy, it’s better to remain silent until you’ve figured things out completely.

Delusional Neptune goes direct in water sign Pisces, the sign it rules, on the twenty-eighth, opening your eyes to a situation you might have been in denial about for a while now. How will you react when presented with the truth? Don’t rely on distraction now, Capricorn. It’s time to face the music.

Monthly Sex - Time to get your flirt on, Capricorn! As Mercury goes direct in Libra on November 3, you’re ready to mingle. If you see someone cute, get their number! Just make sure to stand six feet apart while doing it. Ceres entering Pisces on the ninth could lead to some magic in the bedroom, heating up a cold night.

Your romantic fantasies become even hotter and kinkier as Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10. Roll with it, Capricorn. They might be into the taboo, too. Your stamina increases as Mars goes direct in Aries on the thirteenth, making you feel like you could go all night long. However, save some energy for November 14, when the new moon in Scorpio could create an intense night of passion.

The sexiest day for you is on the twenty-first, when Venus enters Scorpio and the sun enters Sagittarius, creating a vibrant yet intense energy. Lovemaking and flirting will be bold and passionate, creating a deeper connection with your lover.

However, take a step back when the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on November 30. You don’t want to ruin a good thing by moving too quickly. Take it slowly for now.

Capricorn Business Horoscope This Month

A hard worker by nature, you give your all to your job. The issue is that lately you've been feeling as though people are taking you for granted at the workplace. When Mercury stops its planetary moonwalk on November 3, you could find that money you’re owed from your professional partnerships has come back to you in multiples.

A professional shift could occur when Mars ends its retrograde journey on the thirteenth. Prepare yourself for a change in the course or direction of your career to focus on other important matters.

It’s also a wonderful time to incorporate a new interest or two into an existing project. You’ll find that adding what you love to your work helps inspire you to create more and take on a more lucrative role at your office on November 21.

If you’re thinking of adding more people to your gig or hiring more help during the holiday season, the lunar eclipse on the thirtieth is a great day to make it happen because that timeline will prove beneficial to you. Just be careful and make sure the extra holiday assistance is within your budget before you splurge. Stay within your financial means.