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Monthly Horoscope Cancer - This Month

Cancer Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Feb 2021

When Venus pairs up with friendly Aquarius right away on February 1, there can be a lot of mixed emotions swirling around friendships. Have you been thinking about taking a platonic relationship in another direction? This experimental energy encourages you to try new things.

A new moon in Aquarius on the eleventh also encourages experimentation, but this time the focus is more on making connections with the world and finding your place among associations, organizations, and so on. Your chance of being accepted into new groups now is high.

The sun leaves Aquarius for emotional fellow water sign Pisces on February 18, at which point you will probably feel like retreating back into your shell and out of the spotlight. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but be sure your voice is heard when something important is on the line.

A Virgo full moon on February 27 gives you the opportunity to look at your problems from a logical perspective. Doing things the same way you’ve always done them has led you here. Are you happy with your current circumstances? If not, change them. Health is a major focus during this lunation.

Cancer Love Horoscope This Month

Loving Venus is muted slightly when she pairs up with aloof Aquarius on February 1. This isn’t a big “express your emotions” kind of energy, Cancer, which could be hard for you to get used to. Trying to look at things from a more logical perspective might help—or it could confuse the situation. Try not to take out your frustration on someone you love.

An Aquarius new moon on the eleventh is also a chance to look at things from a new perspective and get a glimpse of the future you’d like to have too. Are you on the right track or should you be making some changes? It’s time to be more of a romantic pioneer!

The sun exits logical Aquarius for fellow water sign Pisces on February 18, putting you more at ease emotionally. Your shyness is endearing, and the more demure you are, the more a crush will notice you. Things work like that sometimes. If you’re in a relationship, give your partner extra TLC. If they’re going through a difficult time, they’re going to need you more than ever.

The full moon is in critical Virgo on the twenty-seventh, so you might have a pessimistic outlook on love. Why is it that you can only see someone’s faults right now? Virgo energy has a way of only letting you view your love life in black and white when in reality there are many shades of gray as well.

Monthly Sex - February starts on a very intimate note when Venus enters Aquarius on the first. Someone you may have been casually dating could suddenly become important even if they aren’t your usual type. Use the power of the new moon in Aquarius on February 11 to change your status from “just dating” to “in a relationship.”

Keep an open mind as the sun enters kind Pisces on the eighteenth. If your current partner is going through something, be extra empathetic as you see things from their point of view. Keep an open mind and you’ll get through it together.

Mercury goes direct on February 20, creating another bonding experience that brings you even closer together. Start planning for the future when Ceres enters Aries the next day. This relationship may survive and thrive past cuffing season.

Love gets even more tender when Venus enters romantic Pisces on the twenty-fifth, making you fall even deeper for your partner. Take this opportunity to learn and understand each other.

Finally, remember to speak clearly about the things you desire—especially in your relationship—when the full moon is in Virgo on February 27. Ask and you shall receive, Cancer.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Month

It’s time to boss up, Cancer! This means not settling for anything less than what you deserve when it comes to your career and salary. When Venus enters Aquarius on February 1, you’re urged to ask for a raise at work. The caution is that you may not receive it until Mercury ends its retrograde journey on the twentieth, even though the Aquarius new moon on February 11 is pushing you to assert yourself regarding such matters.

Think before you make a scene. Your words could be taken out of context due to Mercury’s moonwalk and the Saturn-Uranus square on the seventeenth, which could lead to unnecessary power struggles. But all of that can be easily avoided if you’re sincere, kind, and direct with your case.

You may get your way, because a few of your colleagues could be exiting when Jupiter connects with the north node on February 26, proving your worth to the company more than ever before.

The full moon in Virgo the next day gives you the perfect opportunity to restart and refresh your campaign for financial success in your professional endeavors. This is the conclusion of the story that started on the first, when you initially asked for a raise or promotion at work.