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Cancer Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Nov 2020

Can travel, technology, and communication finally get back to normal when Mercury leaves its dreaded retrograde cycle on November 3? That’s the hope, Cancer. And because it’s paired with relationship-focused Libra now, you can expect all those romantic misunderstandings to start to fade with the shift in momentum.

On the tenth, Mercury reenters secretive Scorpio, where it was for most of its retrograde cycle, and it’s time to keep things on the down low. Although your curiosity will be off the charts, you’ll be hesitant to share any information you learn. If you share any gossip now, it will only be with your BFF, not on social media.

The new moon on November 14 is also in fellow intuitive water sign Scorpio, making this the perfect time to start exploring a new area of interest. The occult is particularly alluring now, so get a tarot reading or learn to read tarot cards yourself. You’re always evolving during a new moon, and Scorpio’s influence is extremely provocative now.

The sun enters exciting Sagittarius on the twenty-first, welcoming in a month of adventure. Embrace this opportunity to explore your wild side as you let go of inhibitions and start to take more risks. Resist the urge to plan. Spontaneity leads to the experience of a lifetime.

Cancer Love Horoscope This Month

You’ve been able to rely on your instincts through most of this past Mercury retrograde cycle, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t just as happy as everyone else that it ends on November 3. Now that Mercury is paired up with airy Libra, your love-related communication issues take an even bigger turn for the better.

However, Mercury leaves easygoing Libra to go back into intense Scorpio again on the tenth, and while you can identify with a lot of the emotions brought forth from this watery energy, your motives for keeping things quiet are quite different. When you keep secrets now, it’s more out of shyness than wanting to be mysterious or elusive.

Your ruler moon is new and in Scorpio’s confident sign on November 14, so whatever your romantic plans, they should succeed. This is a time when you get to start fresh, Cancer. New beginnings are ripe with possibility.

The sun begins its expansive journey through knowledge-seeking Sagittarius on the twenty-first, and love becomes an adventure of the most daring kind. If your current partner doesn’t challenge you, you’ll be seeking others who do. If you’re single, look for fire signs like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius to ignite your passions.

Monthly Sex - You’ve always been a people pleaser, Cancer. In the bedroom, you give way more than you get. However, as Mercury goes direct in Libra on November 3, it’s time to take a stand and ask for fairness when it comes to pleasure. You deserve to get off, too. Continue focusing on your pleasure when Ceres enters Pisces on the ninth. Are there any fantasies you wish to explore?

Keep an open mind when Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10. Your pillow talk could lead to some deep conversations that change your perspective and even arouse you. Stay home while Mars goes direct in Aries on the thirteenth. Your body may be willing, but you’re not emotionally ready for intimacy right now.

Instead, wait for the new moon in seductive Scorpio on November 14, when you’ll feel your sexiest. You’ll feel great physically and emotionally and you’re ready for a little lovin’.

These good vibes continue to the twenty-first, when Venus is in Scorpio and the sun is in Sagittarius. You’re feeling attractive and powerful. Communicate all your naughty fantasies when the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on November 30. You might be in for a wicked treat.

Cancer Business Horoscope This Month

This month could feel like a blast from the past that allows you to take a step into your future! All Cancers have been put through the wringer for much of the 2020 cycle.

As Mercury goes direct on November 3 in fellow Cardinal sign Libra, you’ll be able to let go and let bygones be bygones in certain disagreements. Settling legal documents and matters that involve a third party can be very fruitful, especially on the financial level.

On the twelfth, the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in your opposing sign of Capricorn requires you to be on your toes. There is no way out of a sticky situation but through the muddy swamps that seem like a circuitous path. For those going through some major financial battles, you’ll see a karmic flow and return of your good deeds around that time.

On November 13, Mars goes direct after a very tedious battle in the sign of Aries. This month is one of those game-changing periods for you that you’ll never forget. A loving new moon in watery Scorpio on the fourteenth releases pain and allows you to take steps forward into a career-enhancing opportunity.

Venus enters the sign of the Scorpion on November 21, which will be a very helpful prospect for your bank account as well! Investments could show a good return and a healthy step in the right direction.

On the thirtieth, the month concludes with a beneficial penumbral lunar eclipse in the intelligent sign of Gemini and your zone of spirituality, which helps you release fear. It’s important to honor your ancestral roots and appreciate your intuitive guidance.