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Aquarius Horoscope Overview This Month

Month of Nov 2020

As Mercury goes direct in optimistic Libra on November 3, your world starts to make sense again. It’s been some time since communication issues have been on track, and the ending of this retrograde cycle is a time of relief. With Mercury in fellow friendly air sign Libra, you can make new friends easily now.

Mercury opposes your home planet Uranus while in sturdy Taurus on the seventeenth, and while there’s undeniable excitement in the air, there’s also a good bit of uncertainty that you can’t shake. You can appreciate unpredictability, but if you’re worried about something, this could intensify those concerns. You might have to take something to calm your nervous stomach now.

Dreamy Neptune goes direct on November 28, bringing reality crashing down around you. You’ve been able to elude the truth for a long time now, but you can’t do it anymore. Your fantasies and daydreams are still a good distraction, but they aren’t a substitute for seeing things as they really are.

The full moon and lunar eclipse are in fellow air sign Gemini on the thirtieth, illuminating areas that affect travel, communication, technology, and siblings. Make necessary changes that will aid advancement in these areas, Aquarius. This lunation is the perfect time to tie up loose ends as you anticipate the future. Getting closure matters.

Aquarius Love Horoscope This Month

You can sense that good things are about to happen as Mercury leaves its retrograde period while in harmonious Libra on November 3. All the things you’ve wanted to say but couldn’t during these last three weeks can come out gracefully and eloquently starting now.

Mercury opposes eccentric Uranus, your ruler, on the seventeenth, creating some surprises along the way. When you see a social media post about an ex, try not to reply with a sarcastic comment. They deserve to be happy, Aquarius, as do you. Even if you’re shocked at news you hear or read, try not to publicize your initial reactions. Let the info sink in first.

Illusory Neptune is in Pisces, the dreamy sign it rules, when it goes direct on November 28, making you look at some issues you’ve been trying to avoid. You can only procrastinate and try to distract yourself for so long before reality hits. Now that you’ve taken off the rose-colored glasses, your vision should be much clearer.

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini on the thirtieth, at which point your curiosity hits peak levels. This lunation encompasses all communication, so why not do some reading related to being a better lover or partner? This can be a wonderful time of growth when you keep an open mind.

Monthly Sex - You’re feeling great and looking stunning, Aquarius. Your unique brand of charm is seducing everyone in sight as Mercury goes direct in Libra on November 3. Go after what you want. However, things slow down a little as Ceres enters Pisces on the ninth, creating an intimate environment. If you want pleasure, you’ll need to be a little vulnerable.

Get sensual with your body as Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10. You have your own flirtation methods, but if you really want to seal the deal, you should let your body do the talking. The sexiest day will be the thirteenth, when Mars goes direct in Aries, giving your sex drive an extra boost.

On November 14, take a break from loving when the new moon is in Scorpio and examine how you’re feeling. What do you want out of a sexual partner? Are you getting what you need? Continue to tune into what your body and mind desire when Venus enters Scorpio and the sun enters Sagittarius on the twenty-first. The answers you discover could surprise you.

Finally, create emotional boundaries when the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on November 30. You don’t want to move too fast.

Aquarius Business Horoscope This Month

There is a huge shake-up happening around your interpersonal relationships in your career when Mercury ends its retrograde journey on November 3. Beware of any codependency with your business partners. Allow others to solve their own issues while you tend to your own needs.

Try not to get too caught up in any office drama or politics on the thirteenth because tempestuous sentiments will fly high due to the direct station of Mars.

The good news is that the Scorpio new moon on November 14 can temper these energies and the movement of Venus into Scorpio on the twenty-first can add a dash of certainty and positivity to your work relationships. You may even feel that your colleagues are less argumentative and more supportive than usual. They’ll be behaving nicely toward you and each other.

The vibe at work and the workflow will become steadier when the sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21. This marks a cosmic time of luck and prosperity for your career. Not only that, but days later you could be the recipient of some very good career news during the lunar eclipse on the thirtieth. Celebrate the day by sharing a champagne toast with your colleagues in real time or virtually.