Ask The Magic 8 Ball

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You can always ask our Magic 8 Ball any questions you have in mind for free and limitless but as always there are some rules to consider for this to work accordingly. You must only ask a Yes or No questions for this Magic 8 Ball to answer perfectly with any questions you have rather than asking complicated questions that can make this oracle to give inappropriate and wrong answers that can lead you to disappointment. Shake the Magic 8 Ball to reveal your fortune and find out what the future holds. Concentrate and ask if the ball can see a big win on the horizon for you. Will this be an unfortunate day, month or year? Or will it be lucky for you? Ask the magic 8 ball now!

How To Use: You can concentrate with the question you have in mind or you can also type your questions in the text-field above (but not required) and click the "Shake The Ball" button to shake the ball of course, then again click the "Get Your Answer" button after it appears to get and view the answer to your question.