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Virgo Horoscope Overview Today

Friday: April 16, 2021

Friday’s cosmic landscape is overloaded with activity, Virgo. Remember to go at your own pace and prioritize your mental health’s wellbeing. Go-getter Mars locks into a supportive connection with visionary Jupiter, helping you make significant headway with big career projects. Elsewhere, the sun squares off with emotionally raw Pluto, prompting you to deal with any festering relationship tensions.

Virgo Love Horoscope Today

Love Overview - You're in your feelings but you're also having second thoughts, Virgo. In addition to today's square between the moon and dreamy Neptune via your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, the sun will perfect its square to smoldering Pluto in your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. And since the sun is currently illuminating your erotic eighth house of intimacy, energetic exchanges, and soul contracts... one thing's for sure: There are two people involved in this situation. However, one of you may not be on the same page, so be sure to reflect on what you're willing to invest.

Singles - That big brain of yours is hungry for new info, so feed it soon! You might just want to follow random links online until something strikes you, or maybe you have a plan that needs research.

Virgo Career Horoscope Today

Your communication is key today, dear Virgo. Your work is going to require you to present, discuss, and communicate heavily. This could be regarding an important new initiative—one that may also elevate your career status in a major way. The intelligent Gemini moon is forming a connection with driven Mars, giving you clarity of thought in your tenth house of career. Mars is also receiving power from benefic Jupiter in Aquarius in your sixth house of work. Use this positive air energy to your advantage today.

Virgo Finance Horoscope Today

Dear Virgo, it’s important to express your individual needs in a working relationship. You can have the tendency to cave or allow the other party to take over the situation and not stand firmly in your opinion. Your company or a business that you are deeply involved in could be seeking funding and capital, but are not feeling luck surrounding this. The reactive Aries moon is forming a connection with wounded Chiron in your eighth house. Don’t stress, this is a passing phase.

Virgo Teen Horoscope Today

You need a victory, Virgo. The universe has got you taken care of today. Your ruling planet, quick-thinking Mercury spends the day cuddled up alongside faith-instilling Jupiter- a pairing that promises good news and positive vibes concerning your work circumstances and health concerns. Moods may be touchy though, as the moon treks into feisty Aries, heating things up on the relationship front.