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Virgo Horoscope Overview Today

Thursday: November 14, 2019

If someone says something combative today, make sure you heard them correctly. If you think someone is giving you a dirty look, make sure there's not a television on the wall behind you. You might just have the tiniest chip on your shoulder today, and it will way too easy for you to jump to the wrong conclusion. You'd really benefit from taking a day to yourself right now. You need to figure out why you might be blaming the world for something that isn't the world's fault.

Virgo Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Work your independent brain to attract an intriguing cutie pie. Let friends set you up just this once.

Singles - Why play games? You pretty much know instantly whether you're attracted or repulsed by someone. Sometimes, however, you can get confused because of social niceties or training. Listen to your heart.

Couples - Keep an open mind when listening to your partner today. Their experiences are different from yours, and they have so much to share. Don't be surprised if you learn something new, something that makes you fall in love with him or her all over again.

Virgo Career Horoscope Today

Someone or something is irritating the heck out of everyone, but you don't want to be the first one to point it out. But you might have to. Pretend you're the kid at the parade in The Emperor's New Clothes. Act with gusto!

Virgo Finance Horoscope Today

Don't blame others for things you can imagine doing yourself. You may be in their shoes one day soon. Instead of being critical of others, use that energy to keep yourself walking the line.

Virgo Teen Horoscope Today

Think you've got it all figured out? You probably do. Your intuition can't be beat today -- so that means trust your gut and follow any and all hunches. (Especially if they involve asking someone out!)