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Taurus Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: September 28, 2020

Today, you should spend your time seeking out real-world examples of innovative ideas or new philosophical concepts. Art or foreign films could be the perfect realm for this. Be open to using your mind in new ways and thinking through foreign or even uncomfortable ideas. It might be frustrating to figure out some of the heavier concepts right now, but it is the best kind of brain exercise possible.

Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Today is perfect for inviting people over. Feeding them great food is the best way to guarantee company! Even if you're not so hot in the kitchen, you can work something up that should keep them happy.

Singles - An open mind is your heart's best ally now, particularly since you're likely to meet someone with whom you don't agree but can really learn from. Listen up and open up.

Couples - It's time to dump, stow, or leave behind what's too heavy to carry. You both have baggage. It's only human. But when it starts messing up your relationship, you have to peek inside and see what's there.

Taurus Career Horoscope Today

Straining to get somewhere is wearing you out. Don't force yourself to move forward. You'll ultimately get further if you go with the flow, and you'll definitely enjoy it more.

Taurus Finance Horoscope Today

Losing money makes winning petty power struggles that much more important to you. Don't be silly, Taurus. Taking the high road is even more worthwhile than ever, as long as you're not looking down from there.

Taurus Teen Horoscope Today

Whether you're blogging, texting or face-to-face with someone cute, your ability to speak your mind has never been stronger. It's a great time to push yourself to reveal more than you think is comfortable.