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Taurus Horoscope Overview Today

Tuesday: July 16, 2019

A conversation that you fear will be difficult will actually be quite delightful today, when it turns out that someone isn't quite as sensitive as you thought. It seems that a lot of your assumptions are going to be proved wrong today—to your benefit. Making snap judgments about people can be very unwise. Don't let your assumptions about someone deprive you of the truth.

Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Use your regal charms to organize something fun involving a lot of people. Or even better, charm someone else to do it for you. You're the picture of beauty and grace -- and don't think others won't notice.

Singles - Deep emotions surface today as you reveal something personal to a close friend. Breathe deep and stay calm as you explain yourself. There's no need to get riled up. Allow your friend time to process this new information.

Couples - You spend a lot of time focusing on your partner. Today, make the focus about you. Do some of the things that make you feel good, but that you rarely have the time for. A little pampering will make you feel special.

Taurus Career Horoscope Today

Whenever you want to buy, buy, buy or move, move, move, compatriots will hold you back. While you're twiddling your thumbs, think several steps ahead like a chess player.

Taurus Finance Horoscope Today

If only your bank account blossomed as easily as your romances do. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more work. That doesn't mean it can't be just as much fun, though. Take a look at your work companions for some inspiration.

Taurus Teen Horoscope Today

At every turn today, things will seem brighter and more attractive than they have any right to be. It's like someone put a filter on the sun, which casts every object in a flattering light. Soak up the beauty while it lasts.