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Taurus Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: January 18, 2021

It's time to celebrate the fact that you're feeling more grounded than ever in your personal life. The people you're spending time with totally get who you are, accept who you are, and love who you are! Figure out a special way to celebrate the harmony you all feel together. Let them know how special they are to you and the love is sure to be returned tenfold!

Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - You know you're all that -- but not everyone else is enlightened on the topic of your awesomeness. Spread the word, but watch out for people who are way too eager to accuse you of arrogance.

Singles - A deeper understanding of yourself is key to becoming part of a deep romantic pairing. Pick up a great book, try meditation, volunteer. It sounds pretty cheesy, but you'll be glad you did.

Couples - You've got some lovely personal energy going right now. You're firmly grounded but also able to perceive abstract ideas. Add in your certain someone and their talents and views and achieve greater understanding.

Taurus Career Horoscope Today

You look up to a colleague as a role model. It's time to see them from a different perspective, but that's not all bad. It could be as simple as outgrowing the need to be part of their flock.

Taurus Finance Horoscope Today

You're torn between feeling greedy and feeling lazy. You want more, but you won't get it by sitting on your duff. When it comes to taking it easy, tomorrow is another day.

Taurus Teen Horoscope Today

You need to jump right in to the big struggle that's going on all around you -- even if you want to run away screaming. It's one of those days when you have to get someone's back to show you care.