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Taurus Horoscope Overview Today

Friday: September 13, 2019

An idea you used to think was radical won't seem so radical today—in fact, it will make a lot of sense to you! You're not the same person you used to be, and you should celebrate the ways you have evolved. Looking back at old photos, reading old journal entries, or just checking in with long lost friends will help you gain perspective on how far you have come. Yay for you! Why not celebrate your wonderfulness by treating yourself to a little gift you've had your eye on?

Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - It's one of those days when you want more than you can reasonably get all at once, so try to make sure you're keeping it real. You feel pretty decent, but you might be a little too needy for your own good.

Singles - Your ideals aren't always shared by all. But that doesn't mean you can't learn something new from the people you care about. Put your preconceived notions aside, and give others a chance to state their beliefs without worrying about judgment.

Couples - Tonight is a perfect time to act out your fantasies with your partner. Go a little wild, and do something wild. You two will have so much fun, you might make it a weekly event!

Taurus Career Horoscope Today

Usually, it pays to have coworkers bring different ideas to the table. The bigger the brainstorm, the more possibilities get aired. Today, however, it helps for everyone to be on the same page before you even begin.

Taurus Finance Horoscope Today

If it's not financial, you're not interested in the subject. That's not a very charming attitude to have, though. Act interested when you run into others. Remember that not all valuable things come with a layer of glitter.

Taurus Teen Horoscope Today

You're feeling odd today. You may cross over from hypochondria to something that feels more real -- odds are it can be remedied with a checkup, a conversation with your best friend or even a walk around the block!