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Scorpio Horoscope Overview Today

Sunday: January 26, 2020

Taking a chance today could yield some interesting results. Risk isn't something you should be at all wary of. In fact, adding a dash of insecurity to your life will also add a bit more excitement. Sitting on the edge of your seat might not be terribly comfortable, but it certainly affords you a better view, doesn't it? Near the end of the day, you will see something that's truly inspiring. It could help you refocus on the next big mountain you want to climb.

Scorpio Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Your overachieving streak continues as you breeze through tasks and to-do lists with ease. Not only are you getting a lot done, but others can't help noticing. Expect plenty of admiration and attention.

Singles - Some type of mystery or enigma scrambles your brain right now. This one calls for reinforcement, so ask a pal for help. You'll uncover something from your past that's totally relevant to the present. Even if it doesn't clear up the problem at hand, it sheds light on a long-held riddle.

Couples - You must be sending off some powerful vibes, because right now your partner is finding you pretty hard to resist. And they shouldn't have to resist you. Let them know you're all theirs!

Scorpio Career Horoscope Today

Daily maintenance of your reputation and public image may seem necessary, but you'll do just fine with a few days of personal time. Put your ambition on hold and take care of the little things that slip through the cracks.

Scorpio Finance Horoscope Today

The effects of the economy are becoming obvious. Everyone is stressed, and just how that comes out varies by individual. Are you becoming miserly or acting flamboyant? Watch yourself for tell tale signs.

Scorpio Teen Horoscope Today

It's starting to feel as if your life is like a jigsaw puzzle and you've finally sorted out the outer ring of pieces. The picture hasn't quite come into focus, but the end is in sight. You can afford to take a break and help someone else.