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Sagittarius Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: September 28, 2020

Touch base with a sad friend today. They'll appreciate your kind words more than you can imagine. Your friendship means so much to them, and right now it could be one of the few bright spots in their life. It can feel like you have too much responsibility for their happiness, but you don't. It's not your job to make them happy. But as a friend, it is your job to let them know that you support them and are there for them when they need someone to talk to.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - You are more thoughtful today, and you might want to hang out with like-minded friends and toss big ideas back and forth. You're finding more and more reasons to stay away from one particular person or place.

Singles - Get outside! Rain or shine, you love being out in the world, whether city or country, with a friend or solo. Keeping your eyes open as you're rambling around will do your heart good.

Couples - Be open to all possibilities because anything could happen at this point. If you change your perspective even one iota, you're going to see things in a whole new light. Look beyond your frame of reference.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope Today

Hoping to be challenged each and every day is a bit idealistic. But you shouldn't be bored more often than excited either. Find ways to put your intellectual side to good use.

Sagittarius Finance Horoscope Today

You can't afford to do any gambling. Sure, your accommodations could be upgraded, but the flip side is you could lose your seat. You just don't have the extra chips to risk it anymore.

Sagittarius Teen Horoscope Today

You and a friend might start squabbling over something stupid -- and once you see that it's happening, walk away for now. There's no easy way to back down, but time will fix you right up.