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Pisces Horoscope Overview Today

Friday: September 13, 2019

You need to let the world see the real you today. In order to do so, step out and give everyone a good, long look. Show off both your hotness and your intellect. In situations where you might have usually played dumb in an effort not to look like a know-it-all, today you should not be afraid to own up to the fact that most of the time (if not all of the time), you are the smartest person in the room. There is no point in trying to avoid intimidating people who aren't as smart as you.

Pisces Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - It's a good day for forgiveness. You need to step up and make the offer before things get any weirder. Your ability to let things go depends on all sorts of extraneous circumstances, but today should be good for that.

Singles - Friends in high places want to help with your search for romance. Just be wary of pals who want to set you up to fail for their own amusement. Some people just delight in others' misfortune. Find out more about your date before you agree to one.

Couples - Today is your chance to go wild! Surprise your sweetheart by dressing up as their favorite fantasy. They won't know whether to take you out, or stay home and keep things private.

Pisces Career Horoscope Today

It's a good day to meet with underlings. Your brusqueness may offend their bosses, but assistants will appreciate your lack of airs. You'll get better information out of these meet-ups than a formal appointment.

Pisces Finance Horoscope Today

Pay close attention to anyone in authority today. You may have problems bubbling to the surface that you're hardly even aware of. You'll want to stem the flow of irritation before it becomes a financial sinkhole.

Pisces Teen Horoscope Today

Someone owes you something, though that doesn't mean you're going to see it any time soon. You may even be better off forgiving and forgetting -- your mental health is worth more than money!