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Pisces Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: September 28, 2020

Today, pay attention to the one person who is doing their darndest to avoid you! E-mails go unanswered, phone calls are never returned. They either did something they don't want to tell you about or are afraid you already know about it. Reach out to them and be proactive about the situation. They aren't going to fess up until it's far too late to fix whatever they've broken. So it's in your own best interests to track them down and make them spill.

Pisces Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - You are in the mood to create something new, and it's much easier than usual. Recruit a few friends or assistants to make life easier while you're at it -- because it may take a while!

Singles - Your mind may be occupied with matters other than romance at the moment, perhaps a work issue. Set your priorities and deal with first things first so you can move on to the fun stuff.

Couples - Speak up and share your good energy. You're feeling totally enthused and committed about your relationship right now, so make sure your partner hears all about it! In fact, they need to hear it!

Pisces Career Horoscope Today

You're of two minds. Someone else's boundless energy can be exhausting or inspiring. Which will it be: fun or tedium, adventure or routine? You choose.

Pisces Finance Horoscope Today

Your money worries, the financial dramas of your friends -- is this your real life or is it one big, bad fantasy? If you're not quite sure, then keep your mind from wandering for the day.

Pisces Teen Horoscope Today

You have some serious emotional energy to work with right now, and you should be able to do almost anything you want with it. See if you can find someone on the same wavelength to keep it flowing.