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Libra Horoscope Overview Today

Thursday: November 14, 2019

It only takes one look at your social calendar to see that you are starting to spread yourself way too thin! It's time to cancel, reschedule or postpone a few of your social engagements. You could try consolidating, too—instead of five one-on-one dates with different friends, how about planning a big group weekend lunch or brunch? It will let everyone catch up together—and maybe some new friendships will emerge! Get all your buddies together. It's efficient and it's fun.

Libra Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Your intuition won't steer you wrong if you listen up. Put your new wisdom to a creative use.

Singles - Your heart has an old hurt that needs healing. Spend some time in the company of someone who loves you—an old friend, a family member, or a pet. You'll feel refreshed and revived by the attention.

Couples - Embrace what's different about each other. You both focus on the similarities too much. In fact, if you start to explore where you diverge, you'll find new opportunities for growth in this relationship.

Libra Career Horoscope Today

You're slow by nature, but suddenly you're in a big hurry. True, it's time to move on, but shop around first. Don't take the first step up you're offered.

Libra Finance Horoscope Today

Keep your gaze down. There are some ugly things around you that you just don't want to see. Ouch, other people's tastes can hurt your eyes. It has everything to do with class, not money.

Libra Teen Horoscope Today

Ever feel like your brain won't stop spinning when you're trying to make a decision? This is one of those indecisive days, so learn to live with uncertainty. (If it gets to be too much, consider a couch-powered nap.)