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Leo Horoscope Overview Today

Friday: September 13, 2019

Today you need to ask yourself what the biggest issue in your relationships is. The answer will be illuminating, to say the least. If you find that the issue is the same with everyone, then you know that you need to start examining what you are doing and why you might be doing it. If the answer depends on who the person is, then you know that the problem might reside in their attitudes more than yours. Either way, taking time to reflect on how you relate to others is valuable now.

Leo Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Get out there and mix it up with people: they really want to see what you have. If you have a date tonight, it should go really well -- and if you don't, you're in a good position to get one!

Singles - Your self-respect should never be up for debate. When you go on a date, don't let the other person demean or mock you in order to make themselves feel more important. Have pride in yourself and others will too.

Couples - Today promises to be full of sweet surprise. Enjoy it with your crowd of friends. But after hours, the real excitement will happen in private for just the two of you.

Leo Career Horoscope Today

Like a hiker trying out a grand speech in the apparent privacy of a canyon, you'll learn a lot by hearing the echo of your carefully penned lines. Little will you know, however, your work is being overheard and admired.

Leo Finance Horoscope Today

You need some fun, and you're up for an adventure. It doesn't take money to find either or both of them. You'll stumble across them where you least expect, as long as you are open to a new opportunity.

Leo Teen Horoscope Today

Do something -- anything -- to keep yourself from just sitting around all day. Action of any kind is preferable to boredom, and you should find someone who wants to join you in an adventure. Ask around.