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Cancer Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: October 26, 2020

There will have to be a certain amount of give and take in your world today. And despite your usual generous disposition, it's going to be you who has to do most of the taking. Your selfish impulses are not inherently bad, though. They're to be obeyed right now especially. Don't feel guilty if you want to grab the last slice of pizza, the prime parking space up front, or the best seat at the table. If you don't stand up for your own desires, who will?

Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - You're feeling more assertive than ever and should be able to tell anyone what time it is without worrying about how they'll respond. Today's energy favors boldness on your part, so go for it!

Singles - Being single has a whole lot of advantages. You're more mobile, you have more disposable income, you're always encountering new places and people. When it comes right down to it, you're one lucky duck.

Couples - Do you invest more than you should in your relationship? You don't have to give it your all every single day. Take a little break and do something that's just for you. Nothing will fall apart.

Cancer Career Horoscope Today

You can't tackle the whole world singlehandedly. Rope in some help. Once you start organizing colleagues, the results will be seen and admired far and wide.

Cancer Finance Horoscope Today

The old, 'I'll be able to afford this by the time the bill arrives' mentality should be dead and six feet under by now. If it's anything but cold, you're driving nails in your own financial coffin. Resist.

Cancer Teen Horoscope Today

Your feelings are all over the place today -- but almost overwhelmingly positive! It's a good time to recenter yourself and figure out what you want to do next, now that you've come this far.