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Aries Horoscope Overview Today

Tuesday: July 16, 2019

Keeping a tight lid on your emotions might be an effective way to achieve a cool and collected demeanor, but it's also important to find time to feel your feelings—and learn from them. If you're very happy or very upset with someone right now, you need to find a way to express those feelings. This person needs to hear the truth, whether it's good or bad. Shutting down and doing your best imitation of a robot is not going to help you move forward right now.

Aries Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Instead of insisting on outward progress today, content yourself with something simple (and, ideally, selfless). Don't fight that frustrated feeling. Pesky details might be dampening your good mood, but just keep your head down.

Singles - Subliminal messages could mean some heavy business if you misinterpret the signals. Unless you happen to be clairvoyant, it's easy to misunderstand someone who might be too nervous to tell you something directly. Watch body language for clues.

Couples - Your honey finds it hard to resist you when you turn on the charm! Whether you're looking for some help around the house or seeking something a little more exciting, you know just what to do to get what you want—and make them happy to oblige.

Aries Career Horoscope Today

Change is in the air. Improvements can be undertaken at this particular juncture, so be sure to voice your opinion—call a meeting with the powers that be, and point out a few areas with growth potential.

Aries Finance Horoscope Today

Even if you're not conflict-oriented, you'll find the day full of hidden emotional mines. Not getting all hot under the collar is a challenge, but it's not impossible if you make the effort. It will be worth it at the end of the day.

Aries Teen Horoscope Today

It's a good day to pitch in on someone else's project. You'll build up your karma, and there's sure to be some gratification in it for you. Even raking leaves has its payoff -- there's a big pile of fun to jump into at the end!