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Aquarius Horoscope Overview Today

Thursday: November 14, 2019

A brief, informal conversation could evolve into a longer, deeper discussion that goes around and around in circles today—but you and your curious mind will love every minute of it! Dig into the issues that are not cut-and-dried. Explore all the shades of nuance and interpretation in them. No two people experience the same reality, although they can certainly try to explain their reality to someone else. Listen with ears wide open and you might hear something that blows your mind.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - Think of the little engine that could -- keep trying and don't give up, even if it drives you crazy.

Singles - The dating game calls for a new set of rules, especially because your expectations have changed. Maybe you're only in the mood for frivolous fun. Maybe you want the real thing. It's time to get some clarity.

Couples - Your honey has an idea. To you, it's completely ridiculous -- but don't let on your true feelings. Unless it's illegal or potentially harmful, offer your full support. It might turn out better than you expected.

Aquarius Career Horoscope Today

It shouldn't be such a grind. Not sure how to change? Look to the era for inspiration. You should be able to get a lot done and have fun with it at the same time.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope Today

You live in a mystical land of easy money, at least for the day. Those daydreams are harmless for now, as long as you don't mistake them for reality. Keep a tight lid on your real wallet.

Aquarius Teen Horoscope Today

It's like you just got an internship at the United Nations. Everyone is speaking a different language today (okay, not literally -- but they're not making much sense!). It's up to you to translate and interpret to keep the peace.