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Aquarius Horoscope Overview Today

Monday: March 30, 2020

Someone's powerful magnetic charisma could captivate you today, but be careful that it doesn't distract you from recognizing their altruism as well! You can learn at lot from this person, and you should let them inspire you to get more involved in your own selfless acts. You're coming out of a very inward phase, and now you're ready to share your time and ideas with others. Feeling more connected to other people is important right now, so consider volunteering.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Flirt - If you're seeing someone, it may feel as if the train will never leave the station. Don't confuse your impatience with despair, though -- things just need to proceed at their own pace for now.

Singles - If someone else wants to set you up (or you're making a play yourself), the key is to keep it casual for now. You're auditioning for friendship first. There's no reason to act all crushed out yet.

Couples - If the two of you are suffering from too much togetherness lately, carve out your separate spaces and do your own thing for a while. Hey, you've got to be you, right?

Aquarius Career Horoscope Today

You'll be feeling like a kid in a candy store next week, and the candy store is your cubicle. Who says work is the wrong place for fun and games? Getting a lot done is more than just satisfying.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope Today

You're jumping off of a good day yesterday. Use the buzz to organize a group of like minded people. Yes, it's about money, but not making it. It's about giving it away.

Aquarius Teen Horoscope Today

You don't usually have a problem with getting things done when you want to, but for some reason, you're going way more slowly than you would like. It's a good time to just poke along though!