Aries Zodiac Sign


Aries who are they?

Symbol: Aries Symbol

Sign name: Aries

English name: The Ram

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Polarity: Positive

Planet: Mars

Period of birth: March 21 – April 19

Aries Characteristics and Profile

Aries also called "the Ram" is the first sign of the Zodiac in western astrology. While we think the opening of the year is January since that’s the start of the month on the calendar the truth is that if we think of Astrology and Zodiac year March 21 is the spring equinox, which indicate the start of the Zodiac year. And when you consider about it this makes sense. Spring is the instance of regeneration and rebirth.

If you are born below this sign, you can be likely to have the similar behavior as a young ram. Passionate, daring, straightforward and full of life. You’re brave and positive. You could be a little hasty though, right? Possibly a little of a daredevil. Where the world be rough, with no daredevils, eager to smack out and do something totally different.

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most well-known Aries yet to be born. Consider a number of other famous Arians, such as Thomas Jefferson, Harry Houdini, Booker T. Washington, Diana Ross, Francis Ford Coppola, Elton John, Jane Goodall, Mariah Carey, Ethel Kennedy, and Vincent Van Gogh. Nobody of them scared to smash innovative new ground; every one of them changed the world or their selected fields in certain way.

People born under the sign of Aries are intense friends and passionate lovers. They attempt driving people away with their strength and require partners that can complement them without fueling the fire and generate volatile situations.

Arians make good explorers, doctors and athletes. This is not to declare that people naturally born under the sign of the Ram are all action, though. They own a softer, lamb-like part too and if you are an Aries or Arian, be sure you draw on this side of yourself as well while dealing with other people. You may obtain stumbling block in particular jobs, because you’re an idea type of person and the person to get things started rather than finish them up. Enclose yourself with people who can complement these behavior and you’re sure to be a success.

Element: Fire

Fire signs are naturally warm. A fire gives light and heat, but it doesn't get depleted as others feed on its warmth. One candle can bring light to a room and it won't burn any faster if ten people read from its light than if there was only one. Fire doesn't plan it next move; it isn't logical. It simply is in the moment and will burn what fuel is available without judgment or forethought. For this reason fire signs can successfully rely on their intuition and survival instincts.

The fire of Aries is spontaneous and hot. It's like a pile of dry kindling that burns fast but cannot sustain itself for the long haul.

First House: Self

The First House symbolizes our physical body and our personality -- how we appear to the outer world. It's not necessarily who we are; it's what we bring to a situation and how others see us. It represents our childhood, the beginning of any activity or even the start of a new relationship. It's not, however, about the other person; it's about how others see us. No doubt, everything starts with the First House.

Key Planet: Mars

Mars is called the "Angry Red Planet." In Greek mythology, Mars was the God of War. But Mars isn't only about fighting; it's about going somewhere, going anywhere. If someone is in our path, then, perhaps we must fight with them in order to keep going. Mars is like the gas pedal of our bodies. It's represents how we move forward in life. In any chart, Mars offers clues as to how we express our basic energy. As the key planet of Aries, it reminds us to "just do it."

Your Biggest Strength: Your courage to overcome fear.
Your Potential Weakness: Not finishing things you start.

Friendship Compatibility

Your fiery Aries personality attracts dynamic and exciting companions, so there will always be a few Leo and Sagittarius types in your camp. You can gain stability and keep your feet on the ground by including a Taurus in your circle, because the Bull of the zodiac can curtail your tendency to jump the gun. Virgos, meanwhile, can help you stay centered while also channeling your creative energy -- but a Capricorn will command the most respect from you. Leo and Aquarius are excellent for companionship, but you might find that your most important relationships will be with the sign opposite you on the zodiac, lovely Libra. Cancer and Capricorn share your "let's get started!" mentality, making them good buddies for you as well.

Aries Relationships

Aries Women

Ruled by warrior planet Mars, the Aries woman has the heart of an Amazon -- and that's an irresistible turn-on to men. Hot-tempered yet fun, you're an independent person who can hold your own, which makes it all the more challenging for a man to capture your heart. Like Aries stars Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson, you exude sass and style. Your guy digs watching you drive topless (in your convertible!) or playing to win at tennis. Your competitive nature turns him on -- try arm-wrestling or pillow-fighting with him some time, and watch the passion heat up in a flash!

There's a fresh, youthful vibe about you, a hint of the tomboy that you accentuate by wearing bright colors and casual styles. You're a big flirt, and your sharp tongue can trade verbal barbs with the best of them. These qualities, along with your ready laugh and childlike enthusiasm, make your man feel young at heart. Surprise him with a spontaneous trip to the desert or mountains -- camping out under the stars or even chasing storms will crank your sex life up to full throttle!

Aries Men

The Aries guy is fresh and youthful, no matter his age. Ruled by action-oriented Mars, the Ram's passion for life is legendary. But like Aries Russell Crowe or Robert Downey, Jr., he often tends to live on the edge. This can be exciting but dangerous. Not known for his discretion or fidelity in youth, it's later in life that the Ram learns to bank his fire and settle down a bit more.

Wiry and fit, the Aries man's physique will grab your attention before he's even had a chance to wow you with his devilish charm. Aries comes right out and tells you what he thinks, which can be disarming. If he finds you hot, you'll know it. He wants a woman who can keep up with him -- athletically as well as sexually! The Ram is always up for a spontaneous trip to the mountains or a competitive game of tennis. The thrill of speed turns him on, and so does the color red. If you happen to drive a sporty red car, you may just be the woman of his dreams.

Compatibility Between the Sheets

Hot and passionate Aries loves a challenge in bed, and what better sign than Gemini to keep this Fire sign guessing? Gemini's flirtatious nature and non-stop motion matches Aries' own fast pace, providing the sign of the Ram with plenty of excitement. Gemini's airy intelligence and witty banter will also keep Aries interested long after the initial passion wears off, giving this duo a chance for more than just a one-time fling.

Compatible Signs

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